Sunday, 11 January 2015

Designer fireplaces

There is nothing quite like a designer fireplace at the centre of your home whether you choose a fireplace with a gas fire or a wood or multi-fuel stove your home will have not only a high efficiency heating product but also a designer pice of furniture for your living space adding glamour to your home. On a cold winters evening when the rain is pouring down your window pains and the wind is howling you can curl up on your favourite chaire without the urge to venture out from the warm ambience of your home. The Beauty of todays fireplace heating appliances is the greater efficiencies now available to help lower fuel bills throughout a long cold winter. Many of todays gas fires and stoves are up to 85% efficent meaning you can heat your home with comfort of knowing the vast majority of the heat is warming your living space and not your chimney or flue as in years gone by. With the cold harsh winters in Scandinavia companies manufactureing wood burning stoves have developed highly technical stoves in state of the art facilities, when you talk about a designer wood burning stove from the leading suppliers you fall in love with the timeless good looks and traditional craftsmanship and the environmentally friendly aspects. Once you have installed a stove made by craftsmen you can then enjoy a real log fire with the crackle and the aroma produced and the wonderful flames of a real wood fire. Stoves are available in traditional and and modern designs including free standing built in or wall hanging and will be at home in a modern living area or a cosy cottage. If your property is located in a smokeless zone then there is still a vast choice when choosing the perfect wood or multi- fuel stove for your living space, once your stoves is installed you can then enjoy many years of a beautiful heat source in to your home.

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