Saturday, 28 December 2013

Dru fires and stoves

Dru are one of the worlds leading gas fire manufactures, located in the Netherlands Dru have a reputation for specialising in modern contemporary high efficiency glass fronted gas fires. Whit the range expanding year on year Dru have developed many new attributes to the the manufacture of gas fires not to be seen elsewhere in gas fire manufacture.

Flue pipe

Flue pipe is the ideal solution when installing a wood burning stove. within a conventional chimney it is advisable to install a flexible flue liner, when there is no chimney you would install a twin wall flue liner. with the risk of chimney fires and carbon monoxide leaks it is always recommend that a flue liner be installed

Stove glass

Heat resistant stove glass is available in all sizes for the many stoves in the marketplace today. Heat resistant glass will withstand the high temperatures produced by wood burning and multi-fuel stoves. Many stoves are over filed with wood and coal and inevitably the glass can can be broken, it is always advisable not to over load your your wood or multi-fuel stove. Next day deliveries are available throughout the Uk.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Chimney fires

Chimney fires usually occur with incomplete combustion of fuel in attached appliance, normally wood or coal stove or a conventional open fire. Unburned volatiles are heated to the vapor state but not consumed due to the lack of heat and oxygen within the solid fuel appliance. Volatile distillates escape in to the chimney where they contact cooler areas and condense in to a tar deposits and soot. With the accumulation of either chimney plugs completely or the chimney reaches such a temperature and oxygen level at where the the deposit will ignite. These fires will burn very hot due to the the volatile material now present.

Hydroponics Mammoth tents

Hydroponics Mammoth tents are the ideal solution for the ultimate in quality and durability for a wide range of growers. Providing a verity of features to make growing simple and effective.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Chimney flue liners

Chimney flue liners are always recommended when fitting a wood burning stove. Twin wall pipe is the ideal solution when there is no existing chimney on the property. Flexible flue liners are fitted in to a standard class 1 chimney and connected to your wood burning stove.

Stovax stoves

Stovax continue to add new wood and multi-fuel stoves to there already impressive collection of medium to high end stoves. Located in Exeter Devon, Stovax are now the Uks largest distributer of designer stoves with a unrivalled collection to choose from. Stovax also have many European brands to choose from including Varde Ovne and many more.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Designer gas fires

There are many companies in the market place today supplying high end designer gas fires including Dru, Faber Bell fires and many more. With a complete range of modern high out put designer fires, many of which are glass fronted high efficiency fires to heat your home without heat going directly up the chimney, therefore heating your home and not you chimney with any efficiencies.

Hwam stoves

Hwam are one of Denmark's largest producer of designer stoves, manufactured to the highest quality. Hwam have won many accolades including the company receiving ISO certificates for areas of quality, environment and working environment. Vagn Hvam Pedderson says one of the reasons for Hwams success is that wood burning stoves are something more than a heat source with stunning features and looks.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Stuv stoves

Stuv the Company was formed in 1983 with just two men Gerard Pitance and Benoit Lafontaine, who joined forces to develop a exceptional wood burning stove the Stuv 30. The Company now employs 120 people producing in access of 15000 stoves each year.