Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Stuv 30

The Stuv 30 wood burning stove as functions not to be found on other stoves available in the market place, with a three way function the Stuv 30 can be used behind glass fully open or closed completely providing a sixteen hour over night burn time, the morning after you simply place kindling in to the fire opening and your fire will start again with no need for newspaper and firelighters etc.

Dru Metro 80

The Dru Metro 80 is the smallest balanced flue gas fire in the Dru range of designer gas fires, the Metro 80 is available wit logs or pebbles. As with all Dru fires the realistic flame picture will give ambience to your living space, all this luxury can be regulated from your armchair from the specially designed remote control.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Dru fires

Dru fires include the Metro 130 this is one of the most popular gas fires from the Dru range with a out put of 7.6 with a efficency of 85%. The Metro 130 wil fit in many situatiations making it a very verasatile balanced flue gas fire.

Dru Stoves

Dru range of multi-fuel stoves are very robust stoves they are ready to stand up to the long cold winters ahead. There a range of styles available from smaller matt black stoves to a range of larger enameled stoves these wood burners are available in a range of colours.

Dru Largo Tunnel

The Dru Largo tunnel balanced flue gas fire as all the attributes you would expect of a Dru fireplace, the Largo is also available as a one sided gas fire. The Dru Tunnel as become very popular over the last few years with the option to fit in many locations in your living space. The balanced flue kit is available to fit in many situations.

Hunter stoves

Hunter stoves are one of the leading British manufacturers, with a versatile range of stoves available there will be a wood burner to suite your living space. Hunter also have a range of stoves including back boiler stoves these stoves will heat up to 10 radiators depending on the size of your appliance.

Stovax fireplaces

Stovax are the Uks leaders in fireplaces they many years experience producing fireplaces for retail showrooms across the country. There range includes a endless list of styles including wood marble and cast iron mantlepieces and a fantastic range of cast iron combination fireplaces, you will not be disappointed with a the purchase of a quality product from Stovax.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Hase stoves

Hase are a German Company producing high end luxury wood burning stoves. Hase sell very efficient wood burners with stay clean glass mechanism, this helps make a Hase stove stand out from other products in the marketplace. The vast range of stoves will help you choose a stove to sit in your living space, there are a range of colours and a very popular stone ceramic around many of the stoves, this will help heat your room long after the stoves as finished burning.

Dru Cosmo

The Dru Cosmo gas fire is the largest in the Dru designer range of fireplaces, with 16.5 kw output the Cosmo would heat even the largest of rooms including a hotel situation and conference centre. As with all Dru fireplaces you have a greater efficiency to save on fuel bills. The Dru Cosmo is also available as a tunnel fire where you can bring two rooms in to one.


Spartherm are a leading wood burning stove manufacturer located in Germany with a range of fireplace stoves to suite every situation, you will not be disappointed with the choice available with fires for smaller living spaces and also for more industrial larger rooms. Spartherm have a factory in Poland where in this state of the art factory fires and stoves are produced with very stringent controls on quality and design.

Stuv stoves

Stuv are the leading stove manufacturers in Belgium with a superb range of fires to choose from. Within there range of designer fireplaces there is the cladding fireplace which surrounds the fire in a colour suite suite your living space, and for a manchester style warehouse apartment there is a rust finnish frame, this frame can look especially striking on old style brick chimney breast. Stuv are at the forefront of design with new ranges arriving to the market place.

Focus designer stoves

Focus are the leading designers of wood burning stoves located in France. The Company was established in 1967 by sculptor Dominique Imbert. The Amtefocus was rhe first fireplace design folled by the international award winning Gyrofocus, this would be the first suspended fireplace with a pivot 360d the begining of Focus had now arrived. Focus designs can now be found around the world in many locations from Tokyo to New York City.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Acquisitions fireplaces London

Acquisitions fireplaces located in London are the market leaders with a stunning range of mantlepieces including a quality range of both stone and marble surrounds. They have been the leaders in there field for many years with a collection of cast iron fireplaces and inserts with moulds taken of the original fireplace and then reproduced in the Uks oldest foundry located in London.

Allwood Fireplaces

Allwood fireplaces are located in Cheshire where in there state of the art factory premises they produce a exquisite collection of quality fireplace surrounds. Allwood now have a stone collection of fireplaces direct from Portugal there range includes many designs in various sizes, there is alaso a option for special order fireplaces made to any size.

Malacrino Fireplaces

Malacrino Fireplaces are a well established English company located in the heart of Manchester. Frank Malacrino the company managing director designs and produces a unique range fireplaces suites including a very popular collection of electric suites. The electric fireplace suites are a easy to fit budget range ideal for houses with no chimney or flue. All manufactured in house at there state of the art factory premises, they are capable of a fast turnaround on all orders with fireplaces delivered with in two to three days.

Castec fireplaces

Castec fireplaces have a unique range of reproduction cast iron fireplaces with more than 25 years experience in the casting and polishing processes. Many of the castec range of fireplaces are particularly suitable for a more traditional home often with a chimney breast in the living room. Castec also have a lovely range range of marble mantlepieces and a collection of wood fireplaces, all reproduced to give your home the feel of times gone by.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Dru fire designers

Dru fires the leading fireplace manufacturer in the Netherlands they have a complete range of balanced flue gas fires, wood burning and multi fuel stoves, electric fires and a vast range of heating appliances for churches hospitals and many more. What ever product your purchase from Hollands leading heating manufacture you will buy with the confidence you will have a product that will have great efficiency to save you money for many years to come.

Hwam stoves

Hwam are at the forefront of wood burning stove design they have for many years beemn producing state of the art fireplace stoves. When you have purchased a Hwam wood burner you will not be disappointed with the outcome you will have a versatile stove with great efficiency for many years, this will also help reduce your fuel bills over the many harsh winters to come.

Hase stoves

Hase are a company renowned for supplying quality stoves with many styles to choose from there will be a Hase stove to suite your living space. Hase have been producing hand made stoves in Germany since 1979, there factory in Trier as put a vast amount of experience in to designing and producing beautiful creative wood burning stoves with there own distinctive character. When you have purchased a Hase stove you will not be disappointed your stove will work and produce great efficiency for many years to come.

Spartherm stoves

Design and innovation is the concept behind the revolutionary German fireplace manufacturer Spartherm,who are now leaders in there field. Spartherm have a unique range of fireplace inset stove wood burners with state of the art functions to produce more heat in to your living space whilst also having a great efficiency hence reducing fuel bills throughout the cold winter. Once a purchase as been made on a Spartherm product you will not be disappointed with the outcome your wood burning stove will continue to work as efficiently in many years to com.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Dru Fires

Dru Fires have a extensive range of balanced flue gas fires in the market place with a range of tunnel corner and hole in the wall fires available. You will not be disappointed with choice available. There is a massive range of outputs to choose from where you can find the right output fire for your living space.

Stovax stoves

Stovax are the leaders in there field with a superb range of both wood and multi fuel burners there product range is vast with a choice of both traditional and modern there is also a magnificent range of colours and sizes to choose from. Within the range you will find many outputs available making the choice easy to find the stove most suited to your living space.

Dimplex stoves

Dimplex the leading fireplace manufacturer in the Uk have a superb range of stoves including electric stoves and wood and multi fuel burners. The Latest addition to the range the multi fuel stoves have all the attributes you would expect from a dimplex product, they are manufactured from solid cast iron to withstand the wear and tear of many years of robust working conditions for your wood burning stove.

Dimplex electric fires

When purchasing a Dimplex fire you know you have invested in a high quality product, all Dimplex fires follow all the strict testing required to make this product of the highest quality. Dimplex have been the leaders in the manufacture of electric fires for many years, the range is continually added to year on year.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Stovax stoves

Stovax are the all round leading fireplace stove and fire manufacturer in the Uk. Stovax have a lovely range of gas and wood burning stoves all are manufactured from the highest quality cast iron, you will find many styles from contemporary to more traditional all of which are professionally packaged and distributed from there Exeter premises and then delivered throughout the Uk.

Gazco gas fires

Gazco have a fabulous range of gas fires from the very modern designs to a range of traditional fires, you find all products from Gazco have the latest technology and are at the forefront of style and design in the fireplace industry. With many styles to choose from you will find there are many frames and colours to bring a ambiance in to your living space.

Gazco electric fires

Gazco are the leading producer of fireplaces stoves and fires in the Uk. They have a vast range including a new state of the art electric fires, all of Gazco electric fires are high end modern fires all with clean lines, some owhich come with various choice of frames others are fitted directly in to the wall without a frame for a more clean modern finnish. A Gazco fire will change the ambiance in your living space even when no heat is required from your fireplace.

Stovax & Gazco

Stovax & Gazco are based in Exeter England, originally Stovax LTD was established in 1981 manufacture and distribute wood burning stoves and a range of fireplace accessories. The decision was made to set up a separate company to produce gas fired versions of the range and there was born Gazco, today the sister companies work extremley close together.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Dru Metro 150XT Tunnel

The Dru Metro 150 XT Tunnel emits a considerable amount of heat in to your living area. With great ambience 150cm fire as a robust log set and flames work across the length of the impressive 150XT Tunnel. Dru Hollands leading gas fire manufacturer design fires with great detail to styling and at the same time economical. With a large output of up to 11kw the 150 will heat even the largest of living spaces on a cold winters evening.

Spartherm fires

Spartherm fires and stoves located in Germany manufacture state of the art robust stoves many available with powerful heat out puts to warm the largest of living spaces they would also be at home in a large hotel ideal in a cold winters evening. Spartherm have a range of 1000 inserts to make sure they have the right stove for the size and taste of your room.

Dru Metro 130XT Tunnel

The Dru Metro 130XT Tunnel is a unique see through gas fire the ideal solution for a room divider separating two living spaces. Flames work across the length of the fire with a choice of logs or pebbles to choose from. New to Dru is a new slick steel remote control for operation of your fire from your armchair. The 130XT Tunnel will warm a larger living space with up to 10.8kw output and will a efficiency rating of 86% you can be assured most of the heat from the fire will reach your living area.

Dru Metro 100XT/2

The Dru Metro XT/2 uses the vario burner a technique that guarantees flame effect and efficiency. With this unique burner the flame divides across the entire breadth of the fire there is also the option of the Cera rear wall for a more dynamic flame. As with all Dru fires there is a outstanding efficiency of 85% this will he;p with fuel bills as more heat arrives in to your living space. With a out put of up to 7.6kw the Metro XT/2 will heat a average sized living room.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Dru Exellence

Dru Exellence is a new range of luxury designer fireplaces from Dru the Netherlands leading gas fire supplier. The Exellence as a dual burner with ten settings on each, this allows you to find the exact required heat you will need for your living space. There are three different sizes to choose from including the XT, this tall fire would suite a smaller living space.

Dik Geurts vision 100

The Dik Geurts vision 100 is a lovely panoramic wood burning inset stove, with a 10kw output and 85% efficiency you would own a dynamic fire with the capabilities to heat a medium to large living space. For the Vision 100 to burn to its maximum you are advised to use only dry wood, this will also help keep the glass window clean for a better view of the flames.

Dik Geurts Instyle Tunnel

The Dik Geurts Instyle Tunnel is a very popular woos burning stove in the Dik Geurts range of burners. The Instyle Tunnel is the ideal stove in between two living spaces with a high output of 12kw, this amount of heat will be enough to heat even the largest living space and with a efficiency rating of 83% most of the convected heat will come back in to your room space. The Instyle fire can be fitted with or without a surround for a minimal look you would have no surrounding round the fireplace for maybe a larger wall you could put marble or granite slips with the fireplace.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Dru Cosmo

The Dru Cosmo is the largest gas fire fireplace in the Dru range with superb looks and the largest of glass windows you will enjoy the large realistic logs and real effect flames for many hours through the long cold winter evenings. With a heat output of 16.5 kw the Cosmo is also the hottest gas fire in the Dru range. You also have the added feature of a very helpful 81% efficiency.

Dru Metro 100 XTL

The Dru Metro 100XTL is the fireplace for you if you are looking for a fire that can be benefitted from all corners of the room? With a stunning extravagant design the 100XTL can be place in the corner of two living spaces. With the L shape you can enjoy the fire from both a living and dining room. You will not be disappointed with the 8.3kw output in to your living space and a very helpfull 85% efficiency.

Dru 130XT/2

The Dru Metro 130XT/2 is a double sided gas fireplace the ideal solution for corner installations. There are a choice of two different back panels which allow you to cater for your own personal taste. The new dynamic Ceraglass back gives a mirrored effect with the impression of a deeper flame effect fire. The 130XT/2 is one of the most popular gas fireplaces in the Dru range of gas fires with a 10.8 kw output the 130 will heat a large room and with 86% efficiency the heat will flow in to your living space rather than as a conventional open radiant gas fire where the heat you would loose 50% of the heat up the chimney.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Dru gas

The beauty of a gas fire is the instant heat and with the new range of gas fires from the leading manufacture Dru you will be able to find the fire of your dreams. With a variation in outputs you can easily find a fire with right output to suite your living space. Dru are the specialist in high efficiency glass front gas fires with a range of state of the art designs.

Which fire is best for me?

When choosing a fire whether it be wood or gas it is the capacity that is the determining factor, with many people unaware that a average living space probably needs no more than 3 4kw of heat in today houses where many are very well insulated and most houses will have central heating.

Dru stoves

Dru the leading Dutch heating manufacturer have a range of wood and multi-fuel stoves manufactured to the highest standard including the DRU44MF. This versatile stove is available with either high or low base unit and comes in a range of enamel colours.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Dru Stoves

Dru have a range of gas balanced flue stoves to suite all homes from very contemporary styles to a more simple plain look, all the Dru stoves available have are glass fronted high efficiency fires helping save on your fuel bills throughout those cold winter evenings.

Dru Global 100BF

The Dru Global 100BF If you are looking for a gas fire to heat your living room the Global 100 BF can use the MaxiVent system. By extracting cold air from the room, it quickly heats and wmits back in to the room. This will speed up your heating and make it more efficient. The Global range are budget priced gas fireplaces but with great looks and flame pictures as with all Dru Fires.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Dru Metro 150 XT

The Dru Metro 150XT is a powerful gas fire from Dutch leading fireplace manufacturer Dru. With considerable warmth being produced ideal for larger living spaces, the fire as a rear wall with a ceraglass back to give the effect of a deeper fire. The fire with its unique burner divides over the entire breadth and depth of the fire.

Dru Excellence L

The all new Dru Excellence L is the latest gas fire from the Netherlands leading gas fire manufacture Dru. Available in three sizes with a dual burner giving the effect of a camp fire while the dual burner allows you to switch from two outputs while maintaing a full flame picture. The Excellence L with fit with a fireplace or purely a hole in the balanced flue gas fire.

Dru Excellence XT

The Dru Excellence is part of a new range of gas fires from the renowned fireplaces manufacture Dru located in the Netherlands. Available in three sizes M and XT. With its unique feature a dual burner a product that allows you to switch between outputs with a lovely flame picture. The Excellence XT is standard with a black smooth interior with a option of the ceraglass interior at a extra charge, the ceraglass with give the effect of a deeper gas fire.

Dru Excellence M

The new range of Dru fires colLection the Excellence M gas fire is available in two sizes M and L. A feature unique to the Dru Excellence is a dual burner, the burner allows you to switch between two outputs while still having a full flame picture you can now control the amount of heat you receive. Behind the robust log set is a concealed burner that is placed in the stove to look like a camp fire. The fire can be fitted with a special frame which gives the impression of a real fire. The Excellence gas fire as proved very popular with such realistic features.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Dru fires

Dru are the leaders in there field they produce high end gas fires from there state of the art factory premises located in the Netherlands. To own a Dru fire you will have a high efficiency product with a powerful out put including the Dru Cosmo with a massive 16.5 kw out put, The Dru Cosmo would heat the largest of living spaces and would be at home in hotel or a conference centre.

Dru fires

The Dru Metro 130 XT is one of the most popular fireplace designs in the Dru range of gas fires with the all new ceraglass back you have the effect of a mirror at the back of the fire this a new revolutionary design only found on a Dru fire.

Dru fires

Dru are the leaders in there field they produce high end gas fires from there state of the art factory premises located in the Netherlands. To own a Dru fire you will have a high efficiency product with a powerful out put including the Dru Cosmo with a massive 16.5 kw out put, The Dru Cosmo would heat the largest of living spaces and would be at home in hotel or a conference centre.

Desiner bespoke fireplaces

Designer bespoke fireplaces are available from a host of fireplace manufactures including Acquisitions fireplaces London who have a exquisite range of mantlepieces many of which are designed or copied from original edwardian and georgian fireplaces.
Designer wood burning stoves have become very popular over the last few years, there are many styles available from the market leaders throughout Europe with manufactures including Stuv from Belgium who sell only high end wood burners with a complete range of modern contemporary styles to choose from.

Interfocus stoves

Interfocus are suppliers of both Bellfires gas fires and Barbas wood burners, all the fireplaces are developed in house they consciously deal with the production chain of steel up to the installed fireplace. With great attention and knowledge which is necessary in order to deliver the fireplaces reliably throughout Great Briton and Europe.

Yeoman stoves

Yeoman stoves are one of the Uks leading stove manufactures with a range of burners including traditional stoves, boiler stoves, gas and electric stoves. From humble beginnings over 25 years ago what started on a farm near Dartmoor as now grown in to a Uk and European leader. Within the yeoman range of stoves there are many options there is also a 5 year warranty on the casting of your new stove and a 2 year warranty for steel carcass subject to the stove being serviced 12 months after installation.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Crystal gas fires

Crystal gas fires have become one of the largest gas fire manufactures in the Uk, located in Liverpool England they have a state of the art manufacturing complex where design through to production is completed. Crystal are at the forefront in new gas fire design with a range of high efficiency glass fronted gas fires now available. From there manufacturing premises Crystal also have the facility to design and produce a range of bespoke fire frames and many more related products.

Legend gas fires

Legend gas fires are located in Blackburn England with a large choice of fires including open fronted glass fronted and hole in the wall fires they are now one of the leading gas fire suppliers in the Uk. More recently Legend have brought a new range of glass fronted high efficiency gas fires on to the marketplace and a range of open fronted fires including the Legend Virage HE a simply stunning fire with 67% efficiency and a incredible 4.6kw output, the Virage is suitable for both class 1 and class 2 flues and as a manual control as standard options for upgrades to slide or remote control.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Hunter stoves

Hunter stoves are on of the Uks leading manufactures with a team of designers located in Devonwho have been creating luxury wood burners since 1996. Multi - fuel stoves have come a long way in the last century and now work perfectly with todays modern living. All Hunter stoves are CE approved and reach the very highest expectations..

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Dru Metro 130 Xt

The Dru Metro 130 Xt is one of the most popular gas fires in the Dru range with simple looks the 130 Xt as another dimension with the new ceraglass effect to give the appearance of a deeper gas fire, if this luxury fire is to large for your living space Dru have a range of sizes to suite your room area.

Dru Global 100 balanced flue

The Dru Global 100 Balanced flue gas fire is part of the acclaimed Dru range of gas fires available in both natural gas and propane the Global 100 as a6.5 kw output and 85% efficiency and comes with logs or stones. Now available with the Dru Global range is the new maxvent system which extracts cold air from the room then the heat is quickly brought back in to the room this makes the Global balanced flue even more efficient.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Dru Cosmo

The Dru Cosmo balanced flue gas fire is available in one sided or tunnel version and comes with a massive 15.6 kw out put, the Cosmo would warm the largest of living spaces, and with 81% efficiency you guarantee the majority of the heat will enter your room. The Cosmo as a realistic large log set, the moulding for the logs was taken of a original giving the most authentic of looks.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Fireplace Superstore

The Fireplace Superstore are one of the largest independent fireplace stores in the Uk. What started in a lock up garage in Blackpool 27 years ago have now become a major player in the distribution of fireplaces and wood burning stoves including gas and electric fires. A visit to the Uks leading fireplace showroom is like visiting a major European fireplace exhibition.

Dru fires

Dru are a innovative company located in the Netherlands after 250 years there is a ability to innovate. Dru founders ensured that the company one of the first industrial companies in the Netherlands new how to pour iron ore for a range of house style products including a range of famous Dru pans. In 1959 the company changed direction when the first gas stove was discovered. The designers of the stove designed a system that made chimneys superfluous, this system is still used today.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Luxury designer

Luxury fireplaces fires and wood burning stoves are available at The Fireplace Superstore with all the top Uk and European brands available including the Netherlands leading gas fire manufacture Dru Fires who have the most exceptional range to choose from, including tunnel fires for views of the fires from two living spaces. You will not be disappointed with a the purchase of a Dru fire with all the latest features to help with high efficiency high out puts and sequential remote control.