Sunday, 31 March 2013

Dru Metro 100 XT

The Dru Metro XT slimline 11 is a extra tall version of of the popular Metro balanced flue gas fire. With the new added height for a fuller flame picture.

Hase stoves

Hase have been manufacturing stoves since 1979 in there factory in Trier, they put all there experience in to designing and producing stoves to a very high standard. Many of the Hase range of stoves are made with soapstone which helps retain the heat many hours after the stove as burnt down.Every stove as a distinctive look and character.

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Dru Metro 130 XT

The Dru Metro 130 XT balanced flue gas fire as all the attributes you would expect on on a Dru balanced flue gas fireplace. The 130XT is a high wide and handsome fire with new added hight allows for higher impressive flames to go with the robust authentic logs.The special burner spreads the fire in a random pattern across the length of the fire.

Dru Passeo

The Passeo balanced flue gas fire from the leading Dutch gas fireplace manufacturer Dru, with a stone fireplace the ideal fire combination with a existing set up. The build depth is only 35cm but with a unique tampered combustion chamber gives the illusion of a deeper fire.With a robust log set you will have a very realistic flame fire.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Dru Excellence fires

The Dru Excellence are a new range of balanced flue gas fires available in two sizes the M and L. The Excellence L is a built in gas fire and can be fitted with or without a fireplace. The L as a out put of 8.4 kw and a substantial efficiency of 85%, remote control comes with electronic ignition.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Kal Fire

Kal fire are the leading manufacture of built in wood burning stoves manufactured in the Netherlands. The heat from a Kal fire stove can be distributed throughout your home. On top of the Kal fire heat pure stoves you will find holes on the top of the stove where flexible pipe can be fitted and then fixed discretely or in a cavity leading up to a different area of your home, this will save substantially on your winter fuel bills.

Kal Fire Heat Pure 105

Kal fire range of Heat pure 105 wood burning stoves s have a minimalistic glass lift door with a frame of only 10mm, the Heat Pure range offers a large view of this cosy wood burning fire. This clean lined and discrete design is combined with the latest technology. The 105 is also available as a tunnel fire ideal for a through room situation. Kal Fire are the market leaders where wood burning stoves are concerned. For new builds and renovations flexible pipe can be attached to the top of a Kal fire stove and the heat can be dispersed through vents to different areas of your home, throughout the long cold winters you will make savings on your fuel bills.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Dru Fires

Dru gas fireplaces are located in Arnham in Holland, they are without doubt the leaders in there field with a unrivalled range of contemporary high end glass fronted gas fires. When purchasing a Dru fireplace you have acquired a high efficiency product to keep your home warm for many years.

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Designer stoves

Dik Geurts have a upmarket range of designer stoves, produced in a state of the purpose built factory located in Arnham in the Netherlands. With a design team on campus, new designs are frequent a collection of wood burners now available including inset built in stove and free standing robust wood burners.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Has stoves

Hase stoves are manufactured in Germany to the very highest quality. Hase have a factory in trier where these unique stoves are designed and manufactured. There are many styles and colours available many of which have stone tops, these lovely stoves retain heat to warm your living space many hours after the fire as burnt down.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Spartherm stoves

Spartherm have a range of high end inset stoves with smaller and extremely large out put fires capable of heating the largest of spaces. Design and innovation is the concept behind Spartherms success in the wood burning stove market. These robust stoves have been the market leaders in Germany for many years where the stoves have been constructed with high quality with extreme resilience.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Dru Passeo

The Dru Passeo is a chambered balanced flue gas fire and is available with both a fireplace combination or as a hole in the wall gas fire. With a depth of just 35 cm as the effect of s deeper fireplace with its unique taper. The robust log set and realistic flame effect is relatively low in capacity.

Choosing a wood fired stove

When choosing a wood fired stove, the true enthusiast will say there is nothing like the smell and crackling sound of a real fire. With todays technology stoves of today have high out puts and excellent combustion, nowadays the latest stoves will burn more efficiently and with a cleaner burn helping the glass window on your stove to stay clean throughout the burn. A wood burning stove will average between 60- 89% out put where on a open fire this can be only 15%.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Hase stoves

Hase are manufactures of high end luxury wood burning stoves, with a arge collection of styles and colours. As you would expect with a designer stove from Hase, they have easy to use functions and great controllability for your enjoyment on a cold winters evening.

Fireplace Accessories

Fire accessories are available including fireguards, companion sets, coal buckets, log holders an many more. For a modern contemporary fireplace a glass fireguard is a lovely accessory for your fireplace, glass fireguards are available in various shapes and sizes including curved and straight. The beauty of a glass fireguard is you can still enjoy your burning fire with the fireguard stoping any debris.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Logs and kindling are available in either bags or large quantities, wee specialise in kiln dried logs from the Uks largest supplier of logs and kindling Certainly wood. You will not be disappointed with quality dried logs from the Uk largest supplier. If you are using logs for a wood burning stove, dried logs will help keep your glass clean and the stove will work more efficiently.

Contact and directions

Contact and directions to the Uks largest fireplace and wood burning stove store The Fireplace Superstore. We are available by phone or email, we specialise in huh end fireplaces and wood burning stoves. We will get straight back to you with a price either by phone or email.

Dru Global 70 XT

The Dru Global 70 XT balanced flue gas fire can be a flush fit in to a chimney breast or with a complete fireplace. As with all Dru fireplaces the Global 70 XT is a high end and highly efficient gas fire and will warm your living space throughout a cold winters evening.

Monday, 11 March 2013


Fireplaces are very popular in both modern and traditional designs, with todays expensive fuel bills open fires have now become very popular, on many designs there is a option for either gas or solid fuel. Marble and cast iron fireplaces blend well with high end designed fireplaces, with a open fire incorporated you will fill your home with warmth throughout the cold winter evenings.

Dru Metro 150 XT

The Dru Metro 150 XT balanced flue gas fire is available as long letter box styled fire and also a tunnel gas fire bringing two rooms in to one. The Metro 150 XT not only provides ambience but will also emit considerable warmth in to a large living space. The burner fills over the entire fire breath and depth of the fire in a zig zag fashion.

Dru gas fires

Gas fires available from Dru the leading Dutch manufacturer, they are high end balanced flue and conventional flue fires, there are many designs available with clean lines and contemporary looks. With todays well designed houses a Dru fire can change the look of your living space with designs such as tunnel fires where two rooms are brought in to one. There are also a range of corner gas fires available.

Wood burning stoves

With fuel prices on the rise wood burning stoves are becoming more popular. There as been a influx of of quality wood burners from around Europe, including Hwam, Stuv, Spartherm, Kal Fire and many more. These high end wood burners have all the qualities you would expect, with many years experience and the latest technology a European stove can dramaticly reduce your fuel bills for many years to come.

Luxury designer fireplaces

Luxury designer fireplaces are now live on display in our 18000 sq ft factory showroom, With a range of stoves and fireplaces from all the leading manufactures from across Europe and the Uk. Belgium Holland and Germany have quality designed wood burners available from companies including Stuv, Hase, Spartherm, Heta, Kal Fire and many more, on the gas there are a range of quality products from Dru, Bellfire both producing high end balanced flue gas fires, many can be located in to areas of the living area previously not possible.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Gas fires

Gas fires are available in many types, with todays houses having many different types of flues there have been many fires designed to suit your situation. There are balanced flue fires, power flue, inset, freestanding and hole in the wall fires available.


Fireplaces are available in a range of materials including marble, wood, stone, and cast iron, whether your home is modern or traditional there will be a fireplace for you. Many of todays cast iron and marble fireplaces are reproductions of original Edwardian and Victorian fireplaces and mantelpieces.

Stovax Stoves

Stovax are the leading fireplace and stove company in the Uk with a unrivalled choice of fireplaces stoves electric fires and fireplace accessories. Within the stove section at stovax the choice is endless with a range of traditional multi - fuel stoves and a collection of modern contemporary free standing stoves and with many inset including port rate wood burners. Whether your home is modern or contemporary there will be a stove for you.

Dimplex electric fires

Dimplex are the leading Uk company with probably more electric fires and stoves to choose from with a fantastic range you will find the right fire or stove to suite your living space. In the Dimplex range there are inset, freestanding, hole in the wall, hang on the wall, and a large range of electric stoves.

Kal Fire

Kal Fire are the leading Dutch manufacturer of high end wood burning inset stoves. Everything about a a Kal fire stove says quality, with easy to use functions you can leave your stove for many hours before loading the stove with logs again. In the long term you will use less fuel by turning the wood burner down but still retaining a good heat out put.


Euroheat have a range HDG Biomass boilers available in three different fuel types, wood log, wood pellet, and wood chip, they come in a range of heat out p its from 10 kilowatts to (small domestic) to 1 Megawatt (large commercial) there will be a biomass boiler to suit your needs. With increased scarify of fossil fuels to heat your home as become more expensive. The use of a biomass boiler will provide an economical renewable alternative to this.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Designer stoves

Designer wood burning stoves are now available from a range of leading European stove manufactures. With the harsh winers throughout Europe many manufactures have a wealth of experience in the manufacture and design of stoves. Many leading companies including Hwam, Hase, Stuv, Spartherm, and many more the choice for a luxury designer wood burner is endless.

Dru electric

Dru fires have a realistic range of electric fireplaces available with white stones or twigs, you will not be disappointed with a purchase of a Dru electric fire. This fabulous range of fires have a realistic flame picture,with easy installation a Dru fire would be the ideal solution for homes with no chimney.

Dru fires

Dru are the leading Dutch fireplace manufacture with a renowned collection of heating products. Dru are now the leading specialist in designer balanced flue gas fires with a fire to suite every living space, with many designs now available from corner to see through fires there will will be a fire in the Dru collection to change your living space.

Burley fires

Burley are manufactures of electric and gas fires, with a large range to choose from the electric range cover all aspects of size colour making your choice easy to find the right fire for your living space. Burley also have a renowned collection of flue less gas fires.

Caterham fireplaces

Caterham manufacturers of marble fireplaces for the British retail trade. The have a large range of marble and wood fireplaces to choose from. The Caterham range also includes bespoke fireplaces, where customers can have a fireplace specially made to there own requirements.

Paramount fireplaces

Paramount fireplaces are located in Hull, they have a large range of marble fireplaces and supply retail shops throughout the Uk. With many marbles to choose from bespoke designs for individual customers can be manufactured in there state of the art manufacturing premisses.

Kal Fire

Kal Fire stoves are producers of high end wood burning stoves. You will not be disappointed with a easy to use woodier from Kal Fire with a unique burn system, you can leave your home for many hours and still come home refuel and within minutes your stove will resume to a full burn.

Hwam Stoves

Hwam are leading manufactures of wood burning stoves in Denmark, for more than 35 years Hwam have been producing high end wood burners. With approximately 90 workers the family owned company produce around 20000 stoves each year. 80 % of of production are exported to clients throughout Germany and Europe.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Bespoke designer fireplaces

Bespoke luxury designer fireplaces are made to order with many styles available you can now design a fireplace to suite your living space. Many glass designed fireplaces are now available for a really modern sleek look to give your home the wow factor.

Luxury designer stoves

Luxury designer stoves are available from all the leading European manufactures including Stuv, Kal Fire, Spartherm, Dik Geurts and many more. You will not be disappointed with a high end wood burner all of which have high efficiency and have all have easy to use functions to heat your home throughout the cold winter evenings.

Hunter stoves

Hunter are a leading English stove manufacturer they have a versatile range of multi fuel stoves including stoves with back boilers. A back boiler stove depending on size can produce hot water for your radiators, saving you money year after year. There are many options and sizes with high low and medium canopy stoves depending on the size of your fireplace opening.

Dru cosmo Tunnel

The Cosmo tunnel from Dru the leading dutch fireplace manufacturer is the largest in there range of balanced flue gas fires. With a 16.5 kw output you can be sure the Cosmo will warm up the largest of living or hotel spaces. With large robust logs moulded from original tree logs look very real with a lovely flame picture to complement.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Dimplex Opti-myst

Dimplex Opti-myst electric fires and stoves are the latest fires to arive on to the market place from the Uks Leading electric fire producer. The Opti-myst as a smoke effect making it the most realistic electric fire available. There are many designs to choose from including contemporary modern or traditional styles.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Designer fireplaces

Designer fireplaces are available in a range of sizes from many companies including Acquisitions fireplaces of London who have a large portfolio of both modern and traditional fireplaces to choose from. With a range of materials including stone marble granite and cast iron the choice is endless.

Stone fireplaces

Stone fireplaces are available in many styles and sizes with a superb range from the renowned English manufactures Farmington you can be sure your fireplace would arrive ready to service your living space for many years to come. All Farmington stone fireplaces are manufactured by time served stone masons, there are a range of styles and sizes to choose from. Farmington can also manufacture bespoke fireplaces to order.

Dru fires

Dru the leading Dutch gas and fireplace manufacture advise when choosing a fireplace you are selecting a gas fire or heater you are opting for ambience, convenience, and comfort. With the new state of the art modern remote control system with a single press of a button you can ignite your fire and enjoy a lovely realistic flame picture.

Legend gas fires

Legend are manufactures of gas fires, located in Blackburn they supply a extensive range to fireplace outlets throughout the Uk. Recently many new fires have arrived on to the market place, these include high efficiency glass fronted gas fires. With fuel bills rising these fires are the ideal solution with more heat in to your living space than up your chimney.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Luxury Office

Luxury office to let on Poulton Business park, available now. This office is approximately 1200 sqft with a large office, small office, kitchen, ladies and gents toilets, 2 - 3 parking spaces. Located in Poulton le Fylde with a 10 minute drive to the M55.