Wednesday, 1 April 2015

DRU Maestro Eco Wave series 2 at The Fireplace Superstore

The all new Dru Meastro coming soon to The Fireplace Superstore, Poulton Le Fylde

Monday, 30 March 2015

New DG Vita Stoves

DG Fires are quickly becoming the market leaders with a range of state of the art wood stoves available for both the UK and European marketplaces. Now available from DG are the new Vita stove range with outstanding features to heat beautiful living spaces, within this unique collection there are stoves to suite all room spaces and many with a unique soft closing slide up doors, for easy use and for slick looks. Vermiculite interiors help ensure impressive efficiencies of up to 80%, making for only 20% of the heat is wasted. Installing one of the latest collection of DG fires in to your home will ensure your living space is heated throughout many long cold winters.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Dru Maestro gas fire

Dru the worlds leading gas fire manufacturer have developed the most advanced gas fire in todays marketplace, the Maestro collection includes the 75 - 80/2 and 80/3. This luxury range of gas fires have been designed with flames coming out of the logs and equipped with a switchable double burner heat out puts can be from 2.2kw to 9.6kw. Other features include the Honeywell remote control system and app control. This beautiful range of gas fires will be available early June 2015.

DRU Maestro Eco Wave series 2 at The Fireplace Superstore

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Designer Metro gas fires

Dru Fires located in the Netherlands have a unique collection of designer gas fires in a range of styles including the award wining Metro collection. Within this beautiful range of fires you will find the perfect stylish gas fireplace to suit your home, whether you choose a tun ell fire the ideal solution as a room decider or a 2 or 3 sided heating product you home with have will be heated efficiently though out a long cold winter.

Dru Lugo

Dru the worlds leading gas fire manufacturer have developed a beautiful collection of designer fires, the Lugo range offer customers the luxury of designing there own fireplace design with a bespoke chimney breast and hearths to suit including floating hearths for for modern stylish interiors. Lugo fires have been designed as two and three sided gas fireplaces giving customers the enjoyment of viewing a realistic fire with a robust log set from many room aspects. As with all Dru heating products the Lugo range have high efficiencies and stylish remote controls to produce the correct amount of heat in to your living space.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Antique fireplaces

There is nothing quite like bringing a original antique fireplace in to your home. In todays market place with so many modern fireplaces now available there are still many customers who are sourcing antique fireplaces, there are many styles available from Georgian to Victorian whether your choice is a marble, cast iron or wood there will be a fireplace to suit your living space. Many French designs can be found in antique shops throughout the UK, ornate Louis fireplaces have always been popular in English homes bringing style and atmosphere in to a living space. With many older properties throughout the Country and in London, original fireplaces can still be sourced and brought back to there original standards.

Designer wood burning stoves

Throughout a long cold winter there is nothing like a wood burning stove at the centre of your home, in todays market place there are many companies with both modern and traditional styled burners to suite all homes and living spaces. Companies including Stuv who are the leading producer of stoves in Belgium have a unique collection of wood burners with all the latest technology and with greater efficiencies saving you money on your fuel bills.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Designer fireplaces

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Designer Dru Fires

A Dru gas fireplace would bring ambience and style to any living space, with a natural flame and a luxury robust log set you can now have a real looking fire without the fuss of making and refuelling throughout usage. Within the Dru range you will find fires of all shapes and sizes to to suite all homes.

Dru Lugo 70/3

New to the Dru collection of gas fireplaces is the Lugo 70/3 a stunning 3 sided fireplace equipped with the state of the art Eco Wave burner, allowing you to choose from 15 different flame settings. With robust logs and a dynamic flame you can enjoy this high end fire from all aspects of your living space. Not only will a Dru fireplace give you the look of a real fire, but will also produce greater efficiences, helping to lower your fuel bills throughout a long cold winter.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Ex display fireplaces

The Fireplace Superstore have a extensive range of ex display fireplaces stoves and fires now live on display all available at low prices and ready for delivery. Call in to our large store on Poulton Business Park Poulton Le Fylde, near blackpool.

Fireplaces Fleetwood

Here at Fireplaces Fleetwood you will find the finest collection of designer fireplaces and stoves in the UK. Throughout are large store we have have all the leading brands live on display you can view are large range at your leisure. Are store opening times are Mon - Fri 9.00 - 5.00 Sat 10.00 - 4.00 Sun 11.00 - 3.00.

Designer fireplaces London

Throughout London there are stately properties in need of a beautiful fireplace or stove, here at The Fireplace Superstore we are specialist dat delivery of luxury designer products throughout all London counties. From our large distribution centre in Lancashire we have large stocks ready for delivery throughout the UK.

Dru Church heaters

Dru are probably the longest established fireplace company in the Netherlands, what started out in the 17th century as developers and manufactures of cooking pans. Today Dru lead the way in manufacturing designer gas fires for homes throughout Europe a and the UK, with attention to the smallest of details in design. Dru Heaters For many years Dru have also been the market leaders in design and manufacture of domestic and commercial heaters for home schools and a large part of there business churches. When purchasing a Dru product you can be rest assured you have chosen a heater to see you through many harsh winters over many years.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Jydepejsen stoves

Jydepejsen stoves are a long established family company with a state of the art collection of designer wood burners. Throughout the manufacture time served tradesman produce hard working robust wood burners and with all the latest development stoves will produce less emissions and greater efficiency, saving you on fuel consumption through the many years of usage.


Jydepejsen are developers and manufactures of high end luxury wood burning stoves, With quality always being paramount in the production of these durable stoves. Since 1979 The Family company started in the 1970s by Finn Nielson he took the company forward with unique designs and state of the art air control systems. Today The family business is now run by Finns son who now in charge of daily operations. Finn as kept the same family values and now produces the most durable high quality wood burning stoves to be found in the market place. Buying with confidence All Jydepejsen stoves come with a five year guarantee ensuring quality throughout. The company are constantly to develop and characterise there fire production with all the latest technology including combustion air control systems and materials to suit. All stoves are simple to use and produce long burning times saving on fuel consumption through a long cold winter.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Do i need my chimney sweeping

It is recommended a chimney is swept at least once a year depending on how often your fire is used. There three basic reasons you should have your chimney swept firstly to protect your health secondly to avoid chimney fires, and thirdly to avoid smoke damage. It will generally take 45 minutes to have your chimney swept.

Flue pipe

Flue pipe is now very popular due to greater sales of wood and multi-fuel stoves, whether you have a existing chimney or no chimney, it is advisable to always fit a flexible flue liner for a home with a chimney or a twin wall system if there is no flue in your home.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Designer glass fronted gas fires

In todays market place there are new high efficiency gas fires now available for many other companies throughout the UK and Europe, many leading companies are located in the Netherlands including the renowned gas fire specialist Dru Fires, other high end manufactures are the designer Element 4 fires. The advantages of a glass fronted designer gas fire are higher efficiencies and out puts to suit all living spaces. Now is the ideal time to choose the perfect fire for your home.

Element 4

Element 4 are the leading gas fire manufacture located in the Netherlands, with a complete collection of models to choose from there will be a designer gas fireplace to suit your home with a wide range of fires in many sizes and varying out puts. With all the latest technology new fires are constantly designed and brought in to the market place. The latest news from Element 4 is the introduction of the Modore 100H, this unique high end fire with anti-reflective AR glass this new concept will provide a clearer flame picture, the glass produces a high degree of transparency and stops un wanted light in to the fire. The beauty of the latest Element 4 fire will give the benefits of a closed fire including lower gas consumption with the ambience of a natural looking open fire.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Kal Fire Heat Pure at The Fireplace Superstore

Kal Fire are the leading stove manufacture in the Netherlands with a complete collection of stoves to suit all living spaces.

The Fireplace Superstore - Love your life. Love your fire.

New showroom video at The Fireplace Superstore Poulton - Le - Fylde, Lancashire

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Vision Gas Fires

Open your eyes to the worlds newest designer gas fire range Vision Fires now available to view in showrooms throughout the country. Percy Doughty are the distributers of f the all new stunning collection of Vision designer fires, throughout the range you will find a complete collection of fires to suite all homes and living spaces. There is nothing quite like arriving home on a cold winters evening and lighting a Vision fire at the flick of a switch from a unique remote control system.

Monday, 2 February 2015

DRU Metro 100 XT3 three sided gas fire at The Fireplace Superstore

Bellfires-View-Bell-Vertical-gas fire at The Fireplace Superstore

Making Bread with your ESSE Ironheart at The Fireplace Superstore

The Fireplace Superstore - Love your life. Love your fire.

Dru designer gas fireplaces

There is nothing quite like the ambience of a beautiful Dru gas fire, with modern clean lines to bring glamour in to your home. For many years Dru have been the setting the standards for companies from Europe and the UK. When you purchase a Dru Fire your family members will have a centre point in your home where cosy evenings in front of the worlds most realistic gas fire will be spent. With such a wide choice of more than 30 fires to choose from you will find a fire to suite your style of living space and with the added bonus of owning a high efficiency gas fire your fuel bills will be lower throughout a long cold winter. At The Fireplace Superstore in Poulton - Le - Fylde Lancashire there are many live displays to be found in showrooms throughout the store with the full range all live and burning fires in easy viewing areas. Helpful trained staff will help you choose the designer gas fire place of your dreams.

Sunday, 1 February 2015


Stuv are Europe's leading stove manufacture with a unique product range, from there state of the art manufacturing complex and design studios new product is developed and brought to market much to the envy of many of there European competitors. Within the Stuv collection many of the wood burning stoves including built in or freestanding are available in a range of sizes colours and out puts to suite all living spaces.

Heta stoves

Heta are the leading manufacturer of high end wood burning stoves, located in Denmark delivering beautiful designer heating products throughout Europe and the UK. Heta started out in 1972 specialising in enamelling and there after manufacturers and developers of state of the art wood stoves, throughout the years Heta have been leaders in there field producing a uncompromising collection of unique products from there state of the art manufacturing facility located in Denmark.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Legend Ethos fires

The Legend Ethos is a ground breaking gas fire with efficiencies of 87.2% the perfect fire to save on fuel bills throughout a long cold winter evenings, with a 5kw out put you will have enough heat for a average sized living space. When you choose a Legend fire you will have purchased a equality gas fire from the UKs leading family gas fire company there range includes a unique collection of designer fires to suit all homes and living space. Legend Fire managing Director John Stone has vast experience in gas fire design and manufacture, now supplies all the leading retail fireplace showrooms throughout Great Britain.

Dru Heaters

Dru are the market leaders in domestic and commercial heating available for churches offices schools and homes. With a complete range of designer balanced flue heaters you can now fit a efficient heating product on a out side wall, there is a endless choice of heaters with large and smaller out puts to suite all situations. Within the Dru collection are the style 5 and style 21 ideal for a more modern contemporary setting, a Dru heater will make your work or home environment more pleasurable place to spend with your family or work colleagues.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Crystal Connelly collection

The all new Crystal Connelly collection are the latest fires from the market leaders in gas fire supply and manufacture, throughout the Connolly range you find fires to suit all homes, whether you choice is a hole in the wall fire or a gas fire to suite a fireplace there will be a fire for you. With such a range of out puts and styleS the Connelly collection set the the standards for other gas fire manufacturers.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Designer glass fire guards

Designer glass fire guards are the perfect solution to complement a designer fireplace or stove. you will enjoy many hours with beautiful views of your fireplace or stove and have the comfort of knowing you have a safety product to enjoy for many years.

Beautiful designer stoves

There is nothing quite like a luxury designer wood or multi-fuel stove, with such a wide choice available in todays market place you find the perfect stove for your home and living space. Many companies including Acquisitions fireplaces of London produce a range of striking stoves to add elegance and atmosphere in to your home.

Electric fireplaces

Electric fires and fireplaces of today will bring a lovely cosiness in to your home. With all the latest technology and state of the art flame pictures you will enjoy a beautiful realistic electric fire bring a ambience in to your home.

Designer Stuv stoves

Stuv are a well recognised luxury stove manufacturer throughout Europe and the UK, with there state of the art complex in Belgium, wood burning stoves are designed and produced to the highest standards. When you purchase a beautiful designer Stuv stove you will have entered in to a long friendship with a unique long lasting home heating appliance. With all the latest technology producing high efficiencies your home and living space will be heated with great savings over many years.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Fireplaces stoves fires

In store you will find products from all the market leaders including Stuv, Dru, Hase, and many more, whether your choose a wood burning stove or a designer gas fire we will have the perfect product for your home. Delivery is available throughout London and Greater London from our large distribution centre where we keep large stocks for prompt delivery.

London Fireplaces

Daily deliveries are available to London and throughout the UK from The Fireplace Superstore, from our large distribution centre you will find next day delivery on a complete range of fireplace products. We specialise in delivery covering all London counties. Designer fireplaces and stoves from all the market leaders including Dru, Stuv, Hase, Hwam, and many more.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Dru stoves

Dru are the leading manufacture of gas fires and stoves, with the ease of installing a gas balanced flue stove in your home they have become very popular, in particular the all new Dru Circo gas stove as become a best selling product from Dru, with clean lines the Circo will be at home in any modern living space. With great efficiences and ease of use you can enjoy instant heat in to your home from the Circo when using a sleek remote control. The dramatic flame picture and generous warmth you will enjoy many years of comfort with the worlds most beautiful gas stove.

Designed stoves

Todays stoves are designed not only to add elegance to your decor but also as a high efficiency heating product. The beauty of a wood burning stove allows you to design your living space around your stove, the wide choice includes room decider stoves where you can enjoy a real wood fire from two different living spaces.

Fireplace accessories

With the popularity of a real working fireplace accessories have become a much needed product to compliment your fireplace. There are now modern designed products inkling glass fireguards the perfect solution from a safety aspect and from a viewing point, glass guards are available in many different styles including curved and straight all designed to compliment a full range of fireplaces.

Designer fireplaces

There is nothing quite like a designer fireplace at the centre of your home whether you choose a fireplace with a gas fire or a wood or multi-fuel stove your home will have not only a high efficiency heating product but also a designer pice of furniture for your living space adding glamour to your home. On a cold winters evening when the rain is pouring down your window pains and the wind is howling you can curl up on your favourite chaire without the urge to venture out from the warm ambience of your home. The Beauty of todays fireplace heating appliances is the greater efficiencies now available to help lower fuel bills throughout a long cold winter. Many of todays gas fires and stoves are up to 85% efficent meaning you can heat your home with comfort of knowing the vast majority of the heat is warming your living space and not your chimney or flue as in years gone by. With the cold harsh winters in Scandinavia companies manufactureing wood burning stoves have developed highly technical stoves in state of the art facilities, when you talk about a designer wood burning stove from the leading suppliers you fall in love with the timeless good looks and traditional craftsmanship and the environmentally friendly aspects. Once you have installed a stove made by craftsmen you can then enjoy a real log fire with the crackle and the aroma produced and the wonderful flames of a real wood fire. Stoves are available in traditional and and modern designs including free standing built in or wall hanging and will be at home in a modern living area or a cosy cottage. If your property is located in a smokeless zone then there is still a vast choice when choosing the perfect wood or multi- fuel stove for your living space, once your stoves is installed you can then enjoy many years of a beautiful heat source in to your home.

Thursday, 8 January 2015


Fireplaces are available in many styles and sizes, on a cold winters evening the whole family can gather roux a beautiful fireplace at the centre of your home. We can help you choose the perfect fireplace for your home and advise on the correct amount of heat for your living space.

Gas fireplaces

At Fireplaces Lytham we have a outstanding collection of fireplaces gas fires and related products, helpful staff will guide you to the perfect heating appliance for your living space. Within the Store all the market leaders display a stunning collection of high efficiency gas fireplaces.

Designer wood stoves

At Fireplaces Fleetwood you find a outstanding collection of wood and multi-fuel stoves from all the market leaders, in store there will be a perfect fireplace for your home bringing style and ambience in to your living space.

Beautiful designer fires

There is nothing quite like a beautiful designer fireplace to bring glamour in to your living space, whether your room is modern or traditional there will be a designer fireplace for you. At Fireplaces Preston you will find helpful trained staff to guide you to the perfect heating appliance for your home.


Dru are the leading gas fireplace manufacturer located in the Netherlands. With todays consumers in need of high efficiency heating products Dru Fires are designing and producing beautiful designer fires for homes with and without chimneys. Choosing the perfect designer gas fire for your living space can be a daunting prospect with so many products available in the Dru collection, you can feel confident if you visit The Fireplace Superstore in Poulton Le Fylde helpful knowledgeable staff will guide you on with help deciding what gas fireplace will be the ideal choice for your home.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Designer stoves

Designer stoves are available from all the market leaders from the UK and Europe, within our large store you will find companies including Stuv, Spartherm and many more.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Stove research

With wood burning stoves now being very popular there are still many home owners who admit to not knowing how there stove actually works. The stove industry alliance recently researched customers wanting to buy at least one luxury item and found 8 out of 10 83% dream of buying at least one luxury product for there home. Further studies show they also bought because of hype or because a friend or family member had one. After purchasing a product less than 40% bother to research the item before actually buying, with 21% buying products including Wood burning stoves, robot vacuum cleaners ovens and home cinemas according to figures these products were rarely used. In the UK last year some 200,000 stoves were sold in the UK. Not only does a stove have striking looks it is also a environmentally friendly space heater. As a nation it shows we actually don't know how to burn wood, if only we would take a few minutes to read instructor manuals.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Fireplace surrounds

In todays market place there is a vast choice of fireplaces to choose from whether you home requires a modern or traditional mantlepiece there will be a perfect product for your home. Many companies including Acquisitions fireplaces of London supply a beautiful collection of mantlepieces in many different styles and finishes, and with a stunning collection of high efficiency gas fires to complement these elegant fireplaces.

Designer fires

Designer fires of today produce outputs and efficiencies not previously found in fires of years gone by. In todays marketplace there is a endless choice of fuel saving fires now available to bring instant cost effective heat in to your home.

Designer stoves

There is nothing quite like a designer wood burning stove to give your home the atmosphere it deserves, in todays market place there is a unrivalled choice of wood burning stoves to choose from. Many leading companies with vast experience now distribute stoves throughout Great Britain.

Flue pipe

Flue pipe is available for homes with no chimney or flue and for chimneys where there is a need to fit a a flexible flue liner for gas or solid fuel. With stringent new laws it is highly recommended when you fit a solid fuel applience that a liner is installed in to your property.

Percy Doughty

Percy Doughty are a long established company in the UK, with large investment over many years they have become the leading fireplace stove fire and fireplace spare parts company in Great Britain. With weekly deliveries to retail companies throughout the Country they offer a unique service of prompt delivery of a vast product range ulike any of there competitors. Company Director Andrew Mulligan as taken the leading UK fireplace distibutors to new heights with there already impressive product range continually expanding and with the introduction of the new exclusive Vision range of fires Percy Doughty now offer a collection of high end product. Vision Fires are high efficiency fires produced in the Netherlands where with all the latest technology high efficiency gas fireplaces have been developed to bring style and ambience in to British homes. Further Investment In 2015 Andrew Mulligan confirmed further investment in new product development with work already underway on new exiting products to be launched this year. With the business continually moving forward new computer systems will part of a new internal development, the business is now in its seventh decade and are still pushing forward with research and development. Exciting times lay ahead for the Bolton based leading UK fireplace distributer.

Vision fires

Vision Fires are new to the UK, produced in the Netherlands with all the latest technology you can now enjoy a realistic gas fireplace with a realistic flame picture and greater efficiencies to save on rising fuel bills. Within the Vision range of fires there is a vast range meaning there will be a beautiful gas fire to suit your home and living space high out put fires are available to heat larger homes and a stunning collection of more petite fireplaces for homes without the luxury of a larger living space. There is nothing quite like a room decider gas fireplace where you can enjoy a tunnel gas fire two rooms not only saving on heating bills but bringing a lovely ambience in to your home.