Sunday, 30 June 2013

Designer fireplaces

Designer fireplaces are available from a range of British companies including Malacrino fireplaces located in manchester. Malacrino fireplaces have been at the forefront of fireplace design for many years, with a design team who have a vast experience in this field. Many of the Malacrino range of fireplaces are now simple budget style fireplaces and these are distributed throughout the Uk.

Traditional wood burning stoves

Tradition wood burning stoves are available from a range of companies including Yeoman stoves. Yeoman have a lovely collection of both wood burning and multi fuel stoves to choose from. Each Yeoman stove is available with many variations including high medium and low canopy, this will help you select the right sized stove for your living space. A lovely feature on a yeoman stove is the door selection wher you can choose from a one sided plain door style through to a more ornate double door feature.

Designer wood burning stoves

Designer wood burning stoves are now available from many many stove manufacturers from Europe, there are many styles to suite all home interiors including modern and traditional styles. With greater efficiencies on many of these wood burners you can now use less fuel throughout the colder winter evenings. Dik Guerts located in Holland have been stove manufactures fore many years and have now designed a complete collection of wood burners for the Uk market place, with some stunning designed wood burning stoves also with greater efficiencies.

Acquisitions fireplaces

Acquisitions are the leading fireplace manufacturer and distributer in the Uk. With many years experience in the fireplace industry Acquisitions fireplaces of London are specialist in fireplace design and reproduction with emphasis on supplying a complete range of quality products. Acquisitions not on produce fireplaces they now have a collection of electric and gas fireplaces and more recently designed a unique range of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves.

European wood burning stoves

Throughout Europe there are many wood burning stove manufacturers. With the cold European climates in countries like Denmark Germany Holland and Switzerland, you can find a complete range of high end wood burners in many styles and colours. Many of these European stoves can now be purchased in the Uk, with many British companies now sole distributers for many of the European stove producers. Many other brands are available including Hwam, Dik Geurts, Spartherm and Stuv, all the stoves give high out puts of heat and and also have high efficiency with great emphasis on the environment.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Wood burning stoves

Wood burning stoves are the ideal solution for a great out put and efficiency . Today the choice is endless with a large collection of both modern and traditional stoves to choose from. Many wood burning stoves are now sourced from the leading manufacturers throughout Europe including Denmark, Austria, Holland and many more.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Gallery fireplaces

Gallery are producers of the largest collection of fireplaces in the Uk. Gallery have many designs and materials including wood, cast iron, slate, marble, granite and stone. With a distribution network throughout England Scotland and Ireland the Gallery collection are at the forefront of fireplace manufacture with new designs always available.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Designer stoves

Designer wood burning stoves are now available from a range of manufactures located in Europe. With the harsh winters experienced in Europe,s colder climates there are many companies who have a vast experience and knowledge of the wood burning stove industry. There are many stoves available in modern and traditional styling with heat outputs available for smaller and larger living spaces. Some of the leading manufactures including Stu, Spartherm, Dik Geurts, Hase and many more have design teams who are constantly pushing the boundaries in wood burning stove design.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Tiger stoves

Tiger stoves are one of the most popular wood burners sold in the Uk, they are a robust stove at a budget price. The Tiger is a 6 kw out put stove and would heat a medium sized living space, this easy to use wood burning stove will heat your home through the long winter evenings.

Firefox stoves

Firefox stoves are a best selling budget stove, available in a range of sizes starting with the Firefox 5, the ideal wood burner for a smaller living space. All fFirefox stoves are manufactured to the highest quality, with the purchase of one of these lovely stoves, you will have many years of enjoyment and the versatility of a wood burner you can determine the amount of heat produced in to your living space.


Acquisitions Fireplaces Of London have the finest collection of fireplaces stoves electric and gas fires in the Uk. With emphasis on quality Acquisitions have a reputation for for high end fireplaces many are exact copies of original Victorian and Edwardian fireplaces, with precision manufacturing in Britain's oldest foundry cast iron fireplaces and inserts are reproduced and made the same way as manufactured many years gone by. They have the most luxurious collection of marble fireplaces to choose from manufactured and then hand carved with the same spender as the original fireplaces were made.

Monday, 3 June 2013

Dru Metro 150XT Tunnel

Dru are the leading gas fire manufacturer in Holland with many designer fire to choose from. With a range of Tunnel fires (room dividers) including the Dru Metro 150 XT balanced flue fire. The 150 XT as the ambience to light up any living space with heat available for two rooms to create a optimum mood enhancement.

Dru Cosmo Tunnel

See trough tunnel gas fires are mostly used as room dividers and are guaranteed eye-catchers in your living space. With glass on two sides the fires ambience can be enjoyed from two rooms. The largest balanced flue gas fire in the dry collection is the Dru Cosmo, ideal for a larger room or even a hotel or conference centre. With a heat out put of 16.5kw the Cosmo will heat the very largest of areas.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Clean burn technology

The Euroheat clean burn technology and high performing 1q range have all been approved to burn wood in smoke control areas,this makes them the ideal choice for wood burner. With all the latest technologycombined with a elegent inset shape that fits snugly in to any living space.

Euroheat stoves

Euroheat now offer a new insert range in the Nester Martin collection of wood burning stoves.Manufactured in Belgium by the European leader in home heating technology with uncompromising engeneering and over 150 years experience. The insert range offers your hom a tremendouse amount of heat without loosing any your room space.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Firefox stoves

Firefox stoves are available in a range of sizes with most popular the Firefox 5 and the Firefox 8, the 5 is the ideal stove for a small to medium sized living space and the 8 would be more suited to a medium to larger room. The Firefox is a budget stove manufactured to the same quality to many more expensive stoves in the marketplaces.

Tiger stoves

Tiger stoves are a well made multi-fuel burner ideal for a small to medium sized living space. The Tiger stove is a 6kw budget stove with prices starting at £389.00, with styling to suite both a modern or traditional home.

Dru Venteo

The Dru Venteo is a cutting edge hole in the wall balanced flue gas fire,with a beautiful log structure and realistic flame picture. There a choice of backs in classic black, natural or classic brick interiors. With a generous heat out put of 5.2kw and a impressive heat efficiency rating of 78%.

Dru Global CF

The Dru Global Conventional flue designer gas fire is a high end fire with affordable price. The Dru Global is available with robust logs and a realistic flame picture, designed specifically for a British class 1 chimney.The are a choice of outer trims to choose from with different sizes and colours available to suite the decor in your home.