Thursday, 29 August 2013

Dru fires

Dru Fires have had many projects fitting fireplaces and stoves including the Dru Trio contemporary gas stove featuring in a recent episode of of the channel 4 restoration man produced by Tiger Aspect productions and hosted by architect George Clark. The Scenic balanced flue gas fire was recently installed in a exclusive development in Chapman Sands on the sea front in Essex. The Dru luxury designer collection of fireplaces can be found in many high end projects throughout the Uk and Europe. Not only will a Dru fire enhance any living space, you have the added attraction of the easy fit process for properties with no chimney.

Jig fireplaces

Jig are a market leader in a complete range of reproduction cast iron fireplaces with many designs to choose from. Within the Jig collection you will find cast iron fire surrounds, cast iron inserts, bedroom fireplaces and combination fireplaces where there is no need for a mantlepiece. You will find a fireplace to suite your home with a choice of black, polished, ornate or plain fireplaces.

Dru wall heaters

Dru are specialist in high powered wall heaters, with state of the art engineering the Dru Kamara range of heaters will cope with the high demand heating for schools, churches,military barracks, and local authority premisses. Within the Dru range you will also find a collection of wall heaters for the domestic market.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Carron fireplaces

Carron are a leading fireplace and stove supplier in the Uk with a unrivalled collection of products including cast iron mantlepieces wood fireplaces and cast iron stoves and radiators. All Carron fireplaces are reproductions of fireplaces gone by with a complete range of authentic styles available. Carron were founded in 1760 in Stirlingshire Scotland by the Roebuck family. The high standards and heritage continues today remaining faithful with the continued production of cast iron products as they were many years gone by.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Yeoman Stoves

The Yeoman stoves are becoming one of the most popular brands of stoves in the UK today. As they have shown great adaptability adding to there range with different types of stoves e.g electric. The Yeoman stoves are modern looking but are traditional stoves what are selling well in all of the models as they make a great addition to any home.

Dru Metro 100XT Tunnel balanced flue gas fire

The Dru Metro 100 XT is a modern letterbox designed gas fire with the option for a tunnel version, ideal for a through room. With a unique burner that spreads the length of the fire with a lovely flame picture the 100XT will make a fine spectacle in your living space. With a remote control as standard and a impressive efficiency rating of 85% the Metro XT 100 and tunnel will enhance your living area.

Dru Milo balanced flue gas fire

Dru now have the versatile modern hang on the wall gas fire the Dru Milo a outstanding balanced flue gas fire in a glass display case. The Milo is a contemporary styled gas fire with a three sided glass case for easy views from around your living space, the Milo is a imposing feature for any living room. With a 7 kw out put the Milo will heat a medium to large sized area and is available for natural gas or LPG.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Yeoman Stoves

Yeoman stoves are one of the Uks leading stove manufacturers, with a exquisite choice of both modern and traditional multi fuel and wood burners.From humble beginnings over 25years ago from the countryside in Dartmouth, well known for its cold winters, as now developed in to Great Britain's leading stove manufacturer.Yeoman have a retailer network throughout the Uk supplying a range of designer and traditional stoves including wood burning, multi fue, gas, electric and high out put boiler stoves.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Nordpeis Quadro

The Nordpeis Quadro 1T is one of the most popular of Norpeis wood burning stoves out there on the market today. With its additional top section it allows you to create a striking focal point in the corner. The Quadro 1T also has the airwash and the cleanburn system which enables you to view the fantastic flames and enjoy the highly efficient heat output of 6.2kW.

Dru Global Corner M

The Dru Global Corner M balanced flue gas fire is one of the latest designer gas fire products from the leading Dutch fire manufacturers Dru.The Global M as a choice of interiors black or ceraglass the very popular mirror effect back for the impression of a deeper fire and flame picture.Available in both LPG and natural gas.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Gazco E-Studio

Gazco are one of the biggest and most well known gas fires company in the UK. The E-Studio is one of the most popular gas fires in the Gazco range, With its modern look it really can fit into to any home to give the room a bit of style. No only does it give the room style it also gives the room heat and light from the beautiful glowing flame.

Flavel Rocco

Flavel are one of the biggest fire companies in the UK. There fires are some of the most stylish and modern fires on the market today. The Flavel Rocco Hole in the wall gas fire is definitely one of the most stylish and modern fire's on the Flavel range. With its stunning look and impressive heat output the Rocco hole in the wall gas fire is for sure one of the most popular gas fires out there today.