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Designer wood burners

For many years designer stoves have been in vogue bringing style elegance atmosphere and a ambience to homes throughout the UK and Europe. Not only will your home have great advantages form a viewing aspect but will also be a functional pice of furniture in your living space.

Fireplaces by design

Designer and bespoke fireplaces are available from many leading manufacturers including J Rotherham Fireplaces where a state of the art factory in Yorkshire produce designer fireplaces in a range of natural stones. For many Years J Rotherham have been involved in not only fireplaces but have been leading the way in bathrooms kitchens and funeral products. With a dedicated design team fireplaces and mantlepieces are designed and produced by time served stone masons who individually manufacture not only a range of standard fireplaces but will help you design a individual piece for your home. You can be assured when you purchase a beautiful product from J Rotherham your home will have a individual piece of genuine craftsmanship bringing style and elegance in to your living space.

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The Fireplace Superstore - Love your life. Love your fire.

Designer fireplaces

Throughout The Fireplace Superstore you will find the largest collection of designer fireplaces in the UK. Many leading companies display there products in store including Acquisitions of London with a beautiful range of designer mantlepieces, for a more modern look for your home there are the worlds leading gas fireplace manufacturer Dru, with a large collection of sleek fireplaces to suite all living spaces. Call in store or view online the and for help with any of our products please contact one of helpful staff members.

Designer stoves

You will not be disappointed with a visit to The Fireplace Superstore where you will find all the leading designer stove manufactures displaying there products. Many companies including Stuv Barbas DG Fires and many more can be viewed burning in store, friendly knowledgeable staff will help you choose the designer stove to suite your living space, throughout the store there are many other related products including fireplace accessories and spares and logs kindling and coal all in stock ready for delivery or collection. The Fireplace Superstore will reopen for there largest ever Christmas sale on Saturday 27th December, the store will be open for four days over the festive period.

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Ambience of a real fire

There is nothing quite like a real fire, in todays market place there really is a side choice of both stoves and fireplaces to choose from. Leading companies from the UK and Europe continue to design high efficiency stoves with a all the latest technology and unique styling for modern living spaces of today. Stuv are one of many such companies providing cutting edge stoves, located in Belgium producing a outstanding collection of wood burners with great controlability helping to save on fuel bills throughout the long cold winters. Other companies including Kal Fire based in the Netherlands design and manufacture a beautiful range of stoves from there state of the art production centre again control being the key word for easy use making the whole wood fire experience even more enjoyable. If you are looking for a wood burning stove for your home you will need to research what would bee the right amount of heat for your home, if to much heat is released in to your living space it will not be enjoyable and the same if not enough heat is produced. With the measurements of you living space you can then work out the heat required with heat calculator.

Designer wood burning stoves

Wood burning stoves are now a very popular product in homes throughout the UK. Many stylish built in and freestanding stoves are available from companies including Stuv Barbas DG Fires and many more. A stove can fit in to many situations if your homes has no chimney, there are possibilities you could fit a twin wall flue liner this will allow you many options. There is nothing like a roaring wood burning stove on a cold winters evening somewhere the the whole family enjoy a atmospheric ambience. Whether your home requires a built in or freestanding stove there are many choices of both colour and style in todays marketplace.

High efficiency

With fuel bills rising high efficiency gas fires are now in vogue, many British and European companies now produce a large rage of stylish gas fires to suit all homes and living spaces. Compared to gas fires of yesterday where much of the heat would go directly up your chimney glass fronted high efficiency gas fires now have up to 85% efficiency and are available to fit in situations previously not possible. There are many companies in the market place including Dru and Bellfires who specialise in a complete collection of high end gas fireplaces.

Antique fireplaces

Antique fireplaces are available in many styles, there is nothing like a origianal mantlepiece whether your home requires a marble wood stone or cast iron fireplace there will be a beautiful piece ideal for your living space. In todays marketplace antique original fireplaces are harder to source, although there are many companies throughout the UK who specialise in a complete range of originals.


The Fireplace is the centre of the home where family members can enjoy a fireplace with a real effect gas fire or a wood or log fire, Acquisitions Fireplaces of London are one of the UKs leading manufacturer and distributer of beautiful fireplaces and mantlepieces. In the early 1970s Acquisitions predominantly sold antiques and antique fireplaces, when antique fireplaces became harder to source the company became involved in reproducing fireplaces and mantlepieces, and today they produce a range of styles in both Edwardian and Victorian fireplaces to suite all homes. With high efficiency gas fires being very popular the London company now have a large range of fireplace surrounds to fit with gas fires such as Dru mixing a beautiful blend of traditional and modern for the elegant homes throughout Great Britain and further afield. Even today Acquisitions find original antique fires and reproduce fireplaces of days gone by in the same authentic maner of yesteryear.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

designer gas fires from Legend Fire

Legend fires are a long established company located in Blackburn Lancashire. With many years experience and all the latest technology Legend have designed a collection of beautiful hole in the wall and low fires in a range of sizes and styles to suite all homes. This award winning company have recently designed a new range of glass fronted high efficiency Ethos fires, on cold winter evenings you can enjoy instant heat from the all new Ethos fires all designed to suite rooms of all sizes. Since 196 Legend have been warming homes throughout the UK.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Glass fireguards

Beautiful glass fire guards will add glamour to you home and living space and will act as a safety product. There are many styles available including straight curved and many more. Companion sets Glass companion sets are a lovely feature in any home and will complement your glass fireguard all these enhancing products still allow you to view your real coal or wood fireplace through the clear glass window.

Ash pans

When burning a real fire with logs or coals it is very important to clean your ash out of your stove or fire grate if this is not cleaned on a regular basis the grate in use will have a shorter life span. A ash pan should always be used when using a real fireplace it will make the job of cleaning the ash out a lot easier. There are a wide range of ash pans to choose from many will have been specially designed for the various grates available in todays marketplace. All ash pans are manufactured from mild steel and if regularly cleaned should have a longer lifespan.

Sunday, 14 December 2014


Fireplaces have long been a focal point and the centre of the home where families can gather round on cold wintery evenings whether your choice is a wood or multi-fuel stove or a high efficiency gas fireplace there will be a ambience and a warmth to to make a cold night more enjoyable. Whether you choose a modern or traditional fireplace there will be many options on styles and colours available.

Designer gas fireplaces

There is nothing like arriving home on a cold winters evening when the rain is running down the windowpanes to be greeted by a new style high efficiency gas fire, your living space will soon be the centre point of your home when the warmth from your fire heats up your living space the ideal place where the whole family can gather round. In todays market place many leading companies have now produced gas fires with up to 85% efficiencies, with all the latest technology your home can now enjoy the heat from beautiful contemporary fires with large savings on your household bills. There is no need for a chimney in your home with a designer balanced flue gas fire you have the luxury of fitting a gas fireplace on a out side wall or there are many other options for you flue to outlet. There many fires in a range of tunnel fires where you can now enjoy a beautiful flame picture from through rooms and with corner fires now available giving you the options of viewing a fire from different room aspects. The market leaders in designer gas fires include Dru Bellfires both companies are located in the Netherlands where many European families have been enjoying these highly efficient stylish gas fire for many years. You will not be disappointed if your decision is to choose a high efficiency product.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Fireplace Accessories

Fireplace accessories will bring ambience in to your home and will serve a purpose when lighting a real fireplace in todays marketplace there are a wide choice of products available. Whether you have a wood burning stove or a open fire there are a vast range of products to choose from including the very popular glass fireguards, coal buckets, companion sets, log baskets and log holders and many more. At Fireplace Accessories Superstore you will have the choice of the best products available in todays marketplace and with a large distribution centre to hold stocks you can order your product and expect a prompt delivery anywhere in the UK. There are also a range of spare parts in stock including replacement stove glass, replacement fire grates and a wide range of related products

Varde ovne

A wood burning stove can change the whole aspect and atmosphere in your home where the family can gather on cold winter evenings. There are many stoves available in todays marketplace including the renowned Varde ovne stoves who have a passion for designing high end elegant wood burning stoves and always strive for excellence in all beautifully designed stove products. A wood stove should become the focus of your home throughout the winter months and with such a wide range of stoves on offer from Varde ovne you will find the perfect stove for your home. When buying a product from the Scandinavian leading stove producer you are assured of high quality and innovative functions easy to use and easy to clean with a easy ash removal and probably most importantly optimum utilisation of fuel saving greatly on fuel bills throughout the years. A clear glass window throughout he burn will make your stove more enjoyable if there is a blackening up on your glass window the likelihood is the wood in use is not dry or there is a fault with the chimney possibly the chimney is to short. When burning wood gas is produced and will burn more efficiently at high temperatures, if your flame is blue then the burning heat is optimal. When choosing a Varde Ovne wood burner the choice is endless with different sizes and style available, wit within the Varde range the Aura collection have a stove size for all homes and living spaces with high quality cast iron doors and a combustion chamber designed specificaly for easy lighting and cleaning. With the easy air intake control you will enjoy many years of optimal heat output from your fuel.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


With so many inspiring wood burning stoves in todays marketplace you can have the stove of your dreams at the centre point of your home where family gatherings can take place on cold winter evenings, there are many companies today producing high end stoves in the UK and throughout Europe. Stuv are the leading stove producer in Belgium where they manufacture and assemble a unique range of quality high end wood burners, the beauty of a Stuv stove compared to many of there competitors is the luxury of a open or closed glass window allowing you to enjoy the crackle of a real open fireplace. With a range of unique features Stuv really do set the standards in there field with easy to use efficient and stylish stoves and with ongoing technology these beautiful products will make a bold statement in any home or living space. Since 1983 where the company started out with two men they have expanded and now employ more than 120 people and produce more than 15000 stoves each year. IN 2008 a new research and development centre became the hub of Stuv where many new designs now available for homes throughout Europe can now enjoy.


In todays marketplace you will find a exceptional range of both wood and multi-fuel stoves many companies from Europe now have distributers throughout the UK. With so many stoves now available in the UK it is a difficult decision deciding on the best stove for your home, firstly you must work out how much heat put you will need for your living space as you will not want a stove with a over powering out put or a stove with to little out put, secondly you will need to choose a stove to suite the style of your home. One stove company producing designer stoves with beautiful clean lines are the renowned Belgium stove company Stuv, for many years now they have been leading the way with a range high technology collection of wood burners in designs and sizes to suite all homes.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Dru spare parts

Drugasar / Dru spare parts can be purchased from next day delivery is available on may stock parts. We so many Dru and drugasar products in a vast amount of commercial properties and homes around the UK there is certainly a call for spare parts for these products. As with many heating products when parts are needed to bring a fire or a heater back to life it is often needed as a mater of urgency, hopefully the part required is in stock at our large warehouse facility and can be dispatched with the minimum of fuss to bring your heating appliance back to life.

Sunday, 7 December 2014


Flue pipe is now a very popular product with the ever increasing popularity of wood and multi-fuel fires and stoves, next day delivery is available from The Fireplace Superstore where there is a endless choice of all types of flue to suit fires and stoves in todays market place. At The Fireplace Superstore we always advise a flue pipe must be installed when fitting a wood burning or multi-fuel stove, next day delivery is available throughout the UK.

Fireplace accessories

In todays solid fuel fireplace and wood burning stove marketplaces there is a great call for fireside accessories to help with the maintenance and general help to make life easier when working a solid fuel appliance. Fireside products have grown over the last few years and are very popular to compliment a real burning fireplace there snow a endless choice of designer accessories including the ultra modern range of glass fire guards log holders and companion sets. There is also a wide choice of log baskets and holders, pokers coal hods and many more all these room enhancing products not only give ambience to a living space but are also a very practical needed tool to help with the whole coal or wood burning experience. There are many other fireplace related products including a complete range of replacement glass for wood and multi-fuel stoves. Fire grates are very popular to replace existing grates that are long past there sell by date due excessive usage with much of the coal found in the Uk today imported from countries throughout the world and burning a lot hotter than coal found in the Uk from years gone by therefore leading to a shorter life span from grates gone by, and with many grates in todays marketplace often manufactured overseas from materials of lesser quality than previous.

Coal Buckets

With many people now enjoying the ambience of a real fireplace there is greater need for fireside accessories, when using solid fuel probably the most important accessory is a coal bucket making the whole real coal fire experience even more enjoyable. There are many coal buckets in todays market place including coal hods and standard coal buckets all available in many different styles and finishes to suit all styles of room decor. There is nothing like a real wood or coal burning fireplace to give your home a lovely atmosphere and with such a wide choice of fireside furniture you will add a touch of style and help when refuelling your stove or fire.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Designer Fireside Furniture

Fireside accessories have great functionality and will add a chic to your living space, there are a large beautiful range of designer products to not only serve a purpose but also a lovely added feature in your home. There are many products including companion sets, coal buckets, log baskets, fire guards, and many more. Glass fireside products have become very popular in stylish homes, you now have a choice of versatile range of glass fire guards, glass companion sets and glass log holders, glass fireside furniture as a unique look and will work in many styles of homes.