Sunday, 7 December 2014

Fireplace accessories

In todays solid fuel fireplace and wood burning stove marketplaces there is a great call for fireside accessories to help with the maintenance and general help to make life easier when working a solid fuel appliance. Fireside products have grown over the last few years and are very popular to compliment a real burning fireplace there snow a endless choice of designer accessories including the ultra modern range of glass fire guards log holders and companion sets. There is also a wide choice of log baskets and holders, pokers coal hods and many more all these room enhancing products not only give ambience to a living space but are also a very practical needed tool to help with the whole coal or wood burning experience. There are many other fireplace related products including a complete range of replacement glass for wood and multi-fuel stoves. Fire grates are very popular to replace existing grates that are long past there sell by date due excessive usage with much of the coal found in the Uk today imported from countries throughout the world and burning a lot hotter than coal found in the Uk from years gone by therefore leading to a shorter life span from grates gone by, and with many grates in todays marketplace often manufactured overseas from materials of lesser quality than previous.

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