Thursday, 29 May 2014

Anglia Fireplaces

Anglia fireplaces are a long established UK company wit a unique collection of wood burning stoves to choose from in there purpose built showroom located in Cambridge. Within the Anglia collection you find many high end brands to choose from including Hase M Design and many more. Hase are a German company with a unique range of wood burning stoves of the highest quality to be found anywhere in the UK and Europe.

Elgin & Hall

Elgin & Hall fireplaces are a long established fireplace company located in the UK. With a outstanding collection of mantlepieces marble fireplaces and electric fires there will be a fireplace to suit your home, within the Elgin & Hall signature fireplaces the range includes both modern and traditional styles. For a fireplace out of the ordinary, welcome to Elgin & Hall.

GB mantles

GB Mantles are one of the leading fireplace manufactures in the UK with a w choice of mantelpieces to choose from. Within the GB collection there is are many colours from white cream through to oak beech and many more. Located in Barnsley Yorkshire GB have become market leaders in there field.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Heta wood burning stoves

Heta are the leading producer of wood burning stoves located in Denmark with a large collection of high end wood burners in many styles and colours. Located in Denmark Heta have evolved and are now at the forefront of stove design with a range of unique burners including Mass ovens dressed in stone and giving up to 17 hours of storage heat, an effective way to save heat through a long cold winter.

Preston Fireplaces

In store we have the largest collection of designer fireplaces and fires in the UK and delivery daily throughout Preston and the UK. A large collection of designer gas fires are available in store from all the leading gas fireplace manufacturers from the UK and Europe.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Designer Stuv Stoves

Stuv are a leading supplier of designer wood burning stoves, located in Belgium Stuv specialise in a complete collection of high end wood burners available in many sizes and colours. Stuv have invested heavily in technology and have produced a high efficiency collection of wood burners.

Gas stoves

Gas stoves are now very popular throughout Blackpool and the UK, many designer stoves are now available from the leading manufactures from the UK and Europe. Companies including Dru Acquisitions Gazco Franco Belge and many more now have a collection of both modern and traditional stoves to choose from.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Dru Powervent

The Dru Power-vent is a unique fireplace system where you can fit a designer gas fire almost anywhere in your home with the minimum of fuss. The Dru collection of gas fireplaces is available on many of there fires with revolutionary power-vent.

The Fireplace Superstore

The Fireplace Superstore are located in Poulton Le Fylde in Lancashire, year on year the Uks leading fireplace and wood burning stove showroom reinvent there already luxury designer showroom with all the latest products from around the globe. A visit to this unique fireplace showroom is like attending a major fireplace conference.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Fireplaces Blackpool

Designer fireplaces and wood burning stoves are available in many sizes and colours and heat out puts from all the leading stove companies.

Monday, 19 May 2014

designer inset stoves

Designer inset multi-fuel stoves are the ideal solution if you have a conventional fireplace with a fireback, and need to change to a more economical fireplace stove burner. In these situations it is usually a easy installation to replace your fireback with a inset stove. When you fit this type of stove there will be greater efficiencies with a better fuel economy.


Bellfires are long established company producing gas fireplaces since 1928 and are now the market leaders throughout Europe and the Uk. Throughout the range you will find a range of stylish high efficiency gas fires to suite designer living spaces.

Wood burning stoves

Wood burning stoves are now very popular throughout the Uk with many European companies now in the market place. With high efficiencies and high out puts a wood burning stove will save on fuel bills throughout the cold winters. Distinctive stoves are now available from from leading manufactures including DG Fires, Spartherm, Stuv and many more.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Caterham fireplaces

Caterham fireplaces are a long established bespoke marble company and are specialist in the manufacture of made to order fireplaces in a range of sizes and marble variations. With a Cterham fireplace you have a unique product to enhance your home and living space.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Stuv Stoves

Stuv have probably the most advanced collection of wood burning stoves to be found in both the Uk and Europe, with many designs in a range of styles and colours to suite the most modern of homes. Within the range you will find both inset and free-standing stoves.

designer stoves

Designer stoves are available in both wood burning and and multi-fuel and come in a range of traditional and modern styling to suite all homes and living spaces.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

brilliant fires

Brilliant Fires have a stunning collection of electric fireplaces all available with Corian fireplace surroundings with a choice of more than 100 colours to choose from. All Brilliant electric fires are manufactured with real logs dried and fixed in to stylish electric fire surrounds. With all the latest technology the most unique flame picture is available ideal for stylish homes and living spaces.

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Luxury Designer fireplaces London

Luxury designer fireplaces are in available in a complete range of styles with many unique designs available from high end European companies who have been designing unique fireplaces with high efficiencies for many years. Companies including Dru Rais Stuv Spartherm and many more offer a range of high end products in both gas and wood burning.


Thermocet are a leading gas fireplace manufacture located in the Netherlands with a unique collection of of contemporary high efficiency gas fires. Within there range you will find glass fronted fireplaces with with many styles to choose from including tunnel 2 sided 3 sided an many more ground breaking designs to choose from.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Dru Corian

Dru are the leading Dutch company with history in abundance, they now have a unique collection of high efficiency fireplaces available with stunning Corian fireplaces complimenting a already market leader.

Dru Corian fireplaces

Dru fires are now available with a complete range of Corian fireplaces available in with a choice of more than 100 colours. Dru have combined there collection of fires with leading fireplaces manufactures Brilliant who have designed a outstanding fireplace range with clean lines complimenting a already beautiful fire high end fire product.

Sunday, 4 May 2014


Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in doors in mineral nutrient solutions, in water, without soil. Plants have been grow this way since the 18th century, many shops throughout the UK and Europe sell a complete range of products for in door growing from tents lights and feeds and much more.

Wood burning stoves

Todays wood burning stoves are designed for both interior design for todays stylish homes and have all the latest technology helping both the environment and cutting fuel bills with high efficiencies and high outputs. Many European stoves are now available in the UK from all the market leaders, with long cold winters in many European countries there are many companies with vast experience bringing highly technical stoves in to the marketplace. Large output stoves are also available with the capacity to warm the largest of spaces including conference centres and hotels.

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Acquisitions fireplaces

Acquisitions fireplaces of London have a outstanding collection of high end fireplaces, with a client list including Buckingham Palace, The Whitehouse and many more. Within the Acquisitions range the Painton House a hand carved marble fireplace would be at home in the most desirable of property, a fireplace with out standing carvings made by times served craftsman.