Monday, 27 October 2014

Advantages of a wood burning stove

A focal point of your living space A wood burning stove would be the central focal point of your home where family activities would revolve around its atmosphere and warmth. There is nothing quite like lounging on the sofa on a cold rainy evening letting the heat from a wood burning stove warm your toes. When it comes to choosing a high quality stove it will ensure your stove performs and can be relied upon to produce efficient heat for your home. The Benefits of Quality wood burning stove There are a lot of advantages when choosing a quality wood burning stove including a energy combustions that will burn in the best possible way. Choosing the right product for your home you need to consider the stove will have the right amount of power to heat your living space, if a smaller stove is chosen you may not have enough heat from your burner when the weather becomes cold and stove that is to powerful will be forced to work at a lower rate which would not be beneficial. Choosing the right stove is of paramount importance for enjoyable use for many years.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Balanced flue fires to suit all homes

Designer fires Designer fires are now available in many different designs from companies throughout the UK and Europe. In Holland Germany and many other European countries designer glass fronted balanced flue gas fires have been popular for many years. Advantages of a balanced flue gas fire There are many advantages with a balanced flue gas fire, greater efficiency higher out puts and with a up and out flue pipe or a straight up flue pipe a balanced flue gas fire will fit in to many situations where a normal flue gas fire would not fit. In todays marketplace there are many designs to choose from including tunnel corner and a letterbox styled fire, these room changing fireplaces will bring ambience and warth in to your living space for many years to come. Where to buy a balanced flue gas fire There are a lot of gas fire manufacturers designing balanced flue gas fires, the leading companies are Dru, Bellfires, Element 4 and Faber all these companies are leaders in there field. Each company listed have there own range of designs but all produce the same advantages you would expect from a quality balanced flue gas fire. The Fireplace Superstore located in Poulton Le Fylde near Blackpool Lancashire are the leading retail supplier of balanced flue gas fires in the UK, within there large showroom and distribution centre you will find all the leading suppliers products live on display. In store The Fireplace Superstore will discuss your needs and evaluate what would be the perfect gas fireplace for your home.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Glass fireguards

Glass fireguards are the ideal fireguard to enhance your living space.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Gas Fireplace Designs

Todays fireplace designs Fireplaces are the ideal solution to bring your living space to life,in todays marketplace there are many options including a complete range of fireplaces and fires available to fit in homes with no chimney. Many leading companies from Europe now supply there product throughout the UK, there are now a range of modern contemporary high efficiency gas fireplaces available. Dru are the leading gas fireplace company from the Netherlands, they are constantly setting the standards for other fireplace companies with a constant range of new product to suit modern homes and living spaces. Designer Stoves for Lifestyle Living There are now a range of stoves from many companies including Dru, the designer Circo balanced flue stove is one of there latest designs with clean lines and high efficiency the Circo is now Dru Fires best selling freestanding burner. The options are endless with this unique gas stove, ideal for homes with no chimney the Circo will fit on a out side wall where the balanced flue kit will fit one metre above the stove and then directly through thee wall to a out side wall, the other option is to fit the pipe up directly through a extension roof or on a second or third floor again through the roof. Fitting a balanced flue stove is normally a straight forward process. View The Dru Circo Burning Live The Dru Cico can be viewed live at The Fireplace Superstore in Poulton Le Fylde, you can also view a complete collection of Dru Bellfires and many more designer balanced flue gas fire.