Saturday, 29 November 2014

The Fireplace Superstore

Britain's largest designer fireplace store The Fireplace Superstore now have a 10% reduction throughout there stunning fireplace and wood burning stove store. With all the leading brands live on display you will not be disappointed with a visit to The Fireplace Superstore is located in Poulton - Le - Fylde, Lancashire and have been one of the countries leading fireplace showrooms for more than 28 years. Throughout the store there are dedicated showrooms for a range of products including designer gas and electric fires, designer fireplaces, wood burning stoves, flue pipe, fireplaces accessories and spare parts. Dru fires are very prominent in store with more than 30 models live burning on display in many situations including hole in the wall and a collection of fireplace combinations. The beauty of Dru fire include the real effect flame picture and the robust log set, there is nothing like a Dru fireplace on a cold winters evening snuggled up on your favourite armchair. Many other leading brands can be found though out the store including Acquisitions fireplaces of London, Spartherm stoves, Stuv stoves to name but a few. Todays gas fires and stoves are highly efficient with out puts to suit all sized living spaces, great savings throughout the year will be made with todays stylish fires or stoves. Delivery is available throughout the UK from The Fireplace Superstores 18000 sft showroom and distribution centre, products can be purchased on line or by phone with helpful fully trained staff on hand to help with all your needs. Many products on our extensive website are in stock ready for next day delivery or for collection from our distribution centre. The Fireplace Superstore are continually looking to improve there product range and with ongoing staff training to help keep customers updated with the latest trends in both fireplaces and wood burning stoves. Exciting times lay ahead for the UKs largest fireplace store with new product and new showroom display areas where all the latest fireplaces fires and stoves will displayed along the lines of a major exhibition centre. New office areas are planned for the new year to accommodate new staff members who have joined our extensive IT department where our website not only showing a complete collection of our product range but will also have a in depth help and information page where customers can evaluate what fireplace or stove would be the right choice for there home and living space. Our website base become a important tool in the expansion of a very successful business which intends to keep ahead of there competitors, with many new templates on the website for even more easy to use site which only help customers even more to evaluate the best product for there home. Please contact our helpful staff for any help and information regarding any products viewed in store or on our extensive website.

Friday, 28 November 2014


Fireplaces are the centre point of any home at The Fireplace Superstore we have a complete range to suite all homes from traditional to contemporary. You will not be disappointed with a visit to our large store where you will find designer fireplaces from all the market leaders. Open fires are now very popular, in store you will find both wood and multi-fuel stoves and open fires in a range of fireplaces. Brands include the acclaimed acquisitions collection with stunning reproduction fireplaces on offer.

Wood Burning Stove

Wood burning stoves are a lovely compliment to a designer fireplace at The Fireplace Superstore we have a large collection both on are website and in state of the art fireplace showroom. We have fireplace to enhance all styles of room settings from contemporary to traditional. You can enjoy wandering through our large store at the many different brands available from all the leading companies from the UK and Europe. Open wood burning and coal fires have become very popular over the last few years helping to save on fuel bills and also helping the environment.

Ash pans

Here at we are specialist in a complete range of ash pans to suite all fireplace grates. There are many advantages with a ash pan including easy cleaning of your stove or fireplace and helping your grate have a longer life. The ash pan company have a specialist delivery service throughout the UK, we also have many obscure ashcans in stock ready for delivery.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Stoves by Design

Cossy Wood Burning Stoves There is nothing quite like a wood burning stove with the aroma crackle and visual ambiance bringing warmth in to your home. In todays marketplace there are many companies supplying state of the art built in and freestanding fireplaces. Stuv Spartherm Hase and DG Fires lead the way in the development of high end efficient wood burners. The beauty of a real fire burning in a stove is the controllability allowing you to leave your living space for many hours and then bringing your stove back to life. Todays stoves are developed and manufactured to bring heat in to your home in a very cost effective way, and with so much choice there will be a stove to suite your style of living space.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Penman Fireplaces

About Penman Penman fireplaces are a none internet fireplace company and part of the Percy Doughty group. Throughout the Penman range you will find exquisite fireplaces stoves fires and fireplace accessories. A fireplace can transform any room and becoming a natural focal point and centrepiece of your home. Penman combine heavy investment in to high quality materials and a expert design team who can turn your dream in to reality. By using innovative design and manufacturing techniques Penman have a full range and product collection to choose from. In the last few years wood and milt-fuel stoves have become very popular and Penman again are at the forefront of design and manufacture with there own beautiful very popular designed stoves. The many materials involved in the Penman manufacture fireplaces are all chosen for there quality and purity and the outcome will be a significant piece of furniture for your home.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Stovax are the leading fireplace and stove company continually designing high end fireplaces stoves and fire. The heat and and unique designs from Stovax will bring warmth and atmosphere in to your home, whilst enjoying family time and watching the crackling fire on a cold winters evening. Inset and freestanding wood burners have become very popular and with greater efficiencies and high out puts the trend is set to continue. As technology improves stoves will help lower household fuel bills. At the Fireplace Superstore we only stock fireplaces and stoves from all the market leaders, many of these products are in stock ready for collection or delivery

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

As the cold weather approaches

Ideal time to install a new heating appliance As the colder weather approaches now would be the ideal time to install a log burner fire or high efficient gas fire to bring a ambience in to your living space. And to give your home atmosphere on a cold rainy evening. In todays marketplace there are a multitude of choices with many European companies now supplying both wood burning stoves and designer gas fires in to the English marketplace. After a very mild summer and Autumn it is now expected a severe winter will follow, throughout the long cold winter months a High efficiency gas fires would create large savings with the beauty of a high out put fire and with approxomatley 85% of the heat would penetrate in to your home where previous gas fires of years gone by would only be around 40% efficient. What companies product should I use There are many leading companies in the marketplace today with a range of products, if a wood burning stove is your choice then companies including Stuv, Kal Fire, Hase and Spartherm would be great choices all the mentioned have many years experience in stove building for both freestanding and built in fires. If your preference is a high efficiency glass fronted gas fire we would recommend you look no further than the worlds two leading companies Dru and Bellfires. Both companies have been leading the way in both design and efficiency throughout there locations in Holland and further afield in Europe. With the technologies involved in todays highly efficient gas fires you will feel confident your gas fire will warm your home and living space for many years to come. Where would I buy in the UK There are many retail outlets in the UK specialising in both wood burning stoves and high efficient gas fires. If you are located in the North west of England we highly recommend The Fireplace Superstore times past LTD who you will find on Poulton Business Park, Poulton – Le – Fylde Lancashire FY6 8J where you will experience a exhibition type showroom with more than 1000 products live on display, or a visit to a very in depth website would be advised where you will find a lot of information and and advice to help you choose the right fire for your home. For more information