Friday, 24 May 2013

Hase wood burning stoves

Hase are a leading German wood burning stove manufacturer ,they have a extensive range of stoves in many different colours and finishes, you can design your living space around a Hase wood burning stove bringing life in to your home, with the crackle of a real wood burning fire.

Stovax wood burners

Stovax the Uks leading fireplace and stove company have a extensive range of wood burning stoves to choose from, from free standing to inset stoves. With many of the inset built in stoves there are a range of fire frames to choose from, including black glass for a modern contemporary styled fireplace.

Stovax Accessories

Stovax have a fantastic range of fireplace accessories including a full range of care products including thermolac stove spray paint, brush on paint, colloidal dressing, grate polish, slate dressing, stove glass spray cleaner, and a full collection of fire cements.Other items available are ash pan and ash vacs and many other fireplace related accessories.

Thursday, 23 May 2013


Hydroponics is the ideal way to grow plants from inside, with a range of nutrients it is possible to grow all your produce without sun and daylight. There are a complete range of products available to fertilise your plants.


Stovax the leading fireplace and stove company in the Uk have up to £200.00 of Riva Cassettes and free standing stoves for a limited time only, these offers are now on a range of products including the Riva 40, 45, 50, 55, 66, and 76 and a collection of freestanding stoves including the Riva F76, F40 Avanti, F40 Avanti Midi, Avanti F40 Avanti Highline, Avanti F55 Middi and 66 Avanti. This Limited offer is due to end on the 28th June 2013.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Acquisitions are a leading London fireplace manufacturer and designers. With a vast experience in the fireplace field they source original antique fireplace and then reproduce them at the worlds largest foundry, where they ware reproduced to there original spender.

Hydroponics Gardening

Hydroponics is a term for indoor gardening, but simply Hydroponics can be defined as growing plants without soil. Plants can grow under intense light, crops will yield sufficiently more than with traditional growing methods.

Hase wood burning stoves

Hase are the leading wood burning stove manufacturer in Germany, with arange of stove not only for state of the art looks but also for all the very latest features to help run the stove efficiently and economically, with a powerful air wash system to help keep residue from the stoves glass window.


Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solution, without water using soil. You can grow plants with there roots in the mineral nutrient solution only in inert medium, such as mineral wool, gravel, or expanded clay coconut husk.In the early 18th century researchers discovered that plant absorb essential mineral nutrients inorganic ions in water. Soil itself is not essential in plant growth.


Stovax are the largest Uk manufacturer and supplier of fireplaces fires stoves and accessories. Stovax have a unique range of portrait built in wood burning fires including Stovax Riva Studio Glass a luxury wood burner with a superb heating efficiency. The Riva Studio glass is available in three different sizes with kw up to 11kw a powerfull stove for the largest of living spaces.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Bellfire Corner Bell

The Bellfire Corner Bell is a high end right or left corner high efficiency gas fire. The Corner Bell as a hidden door with a ceramic black mirror interior and a output 0f 2-9kw. Remote control comes as standard, you can relax from your armchair and working your gas fire with great ease.


Bellfires are a Dutch company manufacturing fireplaces since 1928. Beelfires are the market leader for a complete collection of designer high efficiency gas fires, with a focus on safety and design, safety is integrally guaranteed in the development process which as led to many patents. Bellfires range includes tunnel, corner, built in, and many more styles. you will not be disappointed with a purchase of a Bellfire high end product.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Dru Cosmo

The Dru Cosmo is the largest stove in the impressive range of high efficiency fires from the worlds leading gas fire manufacturer. The Cosmo a massive 10.6 kw out put and would heat the largest of spaces. With option of a tunnel fire the cosmo will share the heat produced to two living spaces and with a sensational view of the realistic robust log burner.

Spartherm Pico M

The Spartherm Pico M is a luxury wood burning stove with elegance this wood burnner would enhance any living space. There are a choice of 6 colours to choose from including a printed glass for a more modern contemporary feel. With a out put of 5.9kw the Piko M would be the ideal solution for a average sized living space.

Spartherm Passo

The Spartherm Passo S wood burning stove is available with 180 degrees of fire view, and comes with a choice of 6 colour finishes. With a performance of 7 kw out put the Passo S would suite a medium sized living space, and most of the heat produced will arrive in to your living space with a impressive 80% efficiency.

Spartherm Stovo M

Spartherm the leading Geman stove manufacturer have a lovely collection of wood burning stoves including the Spartherm Stovo M a small but power full wood burner. The Stovo M as a 5 kw out put and would be more suited to a small to medium living space, With a efficiency of 80% you have the comfort of knowing a great deal of the heat produced will arrive in to your living space.

Spartherm Pico stove

The Spartherm Pico stove with a two sided glass window, with a complete log store and kindling section. With a choice of 6 finishes, you can choose a colour to suite your room decor. The Piko as a 5.9 kw out put and would be ideal for a small to medium living space. With a efficiency of 80% you will have the comfort of knowing a great amount of the heat produced will arrive in to your living area. Spartherm are the leading manufacturer in Germany of high end wood burning stoves and now distribute there wood burners throughout Germany Europe and now the Uk. There range includes stoves for a smaller domestic situation or a large factory area or a hotel foyer area.

Spartherm stoves

Spartherm are manufactures of high end wood burning stoves, with design and innovation your purchase, you can take comfort knowing a Spartherm wood burner as been manufactured to the very highest standards. As market leaders in Germany Spartherm are constantly reinventing themselves with a vast array of luxury designer stoves with a complete range of outputs, allowing you to find the right product for the size of your living space. Within the Spartherm collection there are a range of both inset and free standing stoves to choose from.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Evergreen stoves

Evergreen stoves are a very popular budget stove with a complete range of styles and sizes, including boiler stoves to heat you radiators throughout your home. Within the range you will find a stove to suite your living space with stoves ranging from 4kw up to 12kw.

Esse stoves

Esse have been manufacturing wood and multi-fuel stoves since 1854 from there foundry premises. Esse have a complete range of stoves including the Ironheart a traditional log burning cooking stove, and also as a room heater with a out put of 8kw. The Ironheart as classic hotplates finished in a stunning textured finnish, with a simple airwash system located conveniently on the side of the door to help keep the glass window clear. You will not be disappointed with the purchase of a Esse cooking stove, with many years of enjoyment.

Franco Belge stoves

Franco Belge are the leading manufacture of wood and multi-fuel stoves in France. They have a fantastic range of stoves available in many different sizes and colours. Franco Belge also have a complete range of gas stoves, you can choose a stove to the style and colour to suite your living space. All Franco Belge stove have the latest technology to help keep your stove running economically throughout out the cold winter evenings.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Designer wood burning stoves

Designer wood burning stoves have been the main source of heat for many homes throughout Europe. Today many of the European stove companies have outlets throughout the Uk, the choice is now endless with a complete range of modern contemporary stoves available with all the latest technology allowing you to burn fuel more economically.

Wood burning stoves

Wood burning and multi-fuel stoves have become very popular over the last few years. With rising gas prices stoves are a great choice to keep your fuel bills down, there is a large choice to choose from with many European modern contemporary stoves available,including a range of inset built in stoves where the stove can fit in to a fireplace or directly in to the wall with no fireplace surround.

Flexible flue liners

Flexible flue liners fit in side a chimney, a flexible flue liner will not only make a wood burning or multi-fuel stove safe but also make the stove work to its full potential.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Twin wall pipe

Twin wall flue pipe is the ideal solution when fitting a wood or multi-fuel stove when there is no chimney in your home. A twin wall pipe can be installed outside your home or inside with the pipe going directly up through the roof.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Acquisitions stoves

Acquisitions fireplaces have a complete range of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves, all designed with splendour to bring a ambience in to your living space. With emphasis on efficiency and output all Acquistions stoves have been designed with eviroment in mind. As with all Acquistions fireplace products there collection of stoves have been designed with a cutting edge making them stand out from other wood and multi - fuel stoves in the marketplace.

Acquistions cast iron fireplaces

Acquisitions fireplaces are specialist at the manufacture of quality cast iron fireplaces, many are coppies of original antique fireplaces sourced from all corners of the Uk and Ireland. Acquisitions fireplaces pride themselves on only producing a range of high end quality designed fireplaces.

Acquisitions marble fireplaces

Acquistions are specialist suppliers of quality marble fireplaces wit many styles available including modern contemporary to traditional designs, many of which are reproductions of original fireplaces first manufactured in Victorian and Edwardian times.

Acquistions fireplaces

Acquisitions Fireplaces are the leading London company in the manufacture and distribution of high end fireplaces, gas and electric fire. They supply a network of retail outlets throughout the Uk and Ireland. With talented design team Acquisitions are specialist at reproduction fireplaces with attention to the finest of detail, helping to bring a stylish spender in to your home.

Dimplex Cadogan electric stove

The Dimplex collection includes the very popular Cadogan electric Opti-myst stove, this luxury stove will fill your home with warmth and atmosphere throughout the cold winter evenings and also a lovely realistic fire in the summer months when no heat will be required.


Dimplex have a collection of wall mounted fires and with in that range are the very realistic Opt-myst fires ideal for a modern contemporary room setting where the is no chimney or outside wall, hole in the wall fires are also available these fires are ideal space savers.

Dimplex Opti-myst

The Dimplex Opti-myst range of electric fires are a revolution in electric fire technology, the moment you see the smoke effect fire you will be captivated. with a 3 dimensional effect and ultrasonic technology. With some models there is a optiglow log set and with the added smoke effect produced from water to release a realistic fire patented to Dimplex. Within the Dimplex Opti-myst collection there are a range of inset and free standing fires, and hang on the wall, hole in the wall and a stunning collection of electric stoves.


A dimplex electric creates a wonderful feeling of cosiness and comfort, you can enjoy these benefits at the flick of a switch. Installation is very simple with a electric fire or stove you simply plug in and your fire is ready to go. All fires are produced to stringent BEAB approval with safety being paramount on a complete range of Dimplex appliances. With a wide range of styles to choose from you can find the purchase that will suite the style of your living space. Dimplex also have a complete range of flame effects including the smoke effect Opti-myst, this fire design as proved very popular and become one of the companies best selling fire and stove and comes in a collection of hang on the the wall and hole in the wall fires. The original Optiflame fire is one of the worlds best selling electric fires with a very real 3 dimensional flame picture.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Stoves for water heating

A wood stove fitted with a water heating boiler has lots of advantages of a room heating stove, a stove can be located almost anywhere where there is enough space and a location where there are connections to heating system and a chimney can be properly routed. It s paramount to choose the right stove to heat your home and also the size to heat other aspects of your house.

Sunday, 5 May 2013


Stuv have a unique range of wood burning stoves, manufactured in Belgium they are now distributed throughout Europe and the Uk. Stuv have a range of stand alone wood burners and a collection of built in stoves. A built in stove can fit with a fireplace surround or can fit directly in to dummy or existing chimney. Stuv have unique development team to keep Stuv at the forefront of design and manufacturer.


Spartherm are the leading German wood burning stove manufacturer with a range of stoves with many outputs for even the largest of living spaces. A spartherm stove as the capacity to heat even a large hotel reception or the largest of living spaces in your home. A Spartherm stove can fit in to a dummy or existing chimney breast either with a fireplace or a stand alone fire.

Hwam stoves

Hwam stoves are the leaders in there field with a large collection of wood burning stoves to choose from, with large glass windows on many of the stoves you can enjoy full view of the burning fire in your living space. You will have the comfort of knowing a purchase of a Hwam stove will be enjoyed for many years working the same as the day your wood burner was installed.

Kal Fire

Kal fire are the leading Dutch manufacturer of quality built in wood burning stoves, these precision made stoves are the leading wood burners to be found throughout Europe and the world. The Kal fire range include tunnel fires where two rooms can be brought in to one, corner fires are available either right or left sided, and then a range of three sided glass fires where the splendour of the burning fire can be viewed from many aspects of your living space. With many of the larger Kal fire products there can be enough heat from the burning stove to heat heat even the largest living space with out puts of up to 14 kw. To work a Kal fire you can regulate the amount of heat needed for your living space with a simple up and down mechanism, you could also leave your home for many hours and then allow more air in to to your fireplace once home and the fire will roar away within minutes, you can also save on wood consumption whilst not in the living space. The Kal fire inserts can fit in to a dummy or existing chimney breast with or without a surrounding fireplace, allowing for many looks available to suite the style of your living space. Once a purchase as been made on a Kal fire you will have the comfort of knowing your purchase will be in your home for many years working as it did on first installation.

Original Antiques

In store we have a collection of antique fireplaces including Victorian and Edwardian fireplaces, cast iron, marble, wood, and slate can be found in store. Original antique fireplaces can be brought back to there original splendour with striping agents and the re polished to there original look.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Luxury wood burning stoves

Luxury wood burning stoves are available from all the European stoves manufactures including Hwam, Stuv, Kal fire, Harrie Leenders, Rias, and many more European leaders. With the harsh European winters many countries including Denmark and Germany, technology as breen brought to the forefront to produce the most efficient wood burning stoves available.

Hase stoves

Hase stoves are manufactured in Germany and are all produced to the highest quality. Within the Hase range there are stoves with heat retaining sides and tops ideal for heating your living space long after the fire as burnt down. You will not be disappointed with the acquisition of a quality Hase wood burning stove, once deciding which stove would most compliment your living space.

Dru Metro 80XT Tunnel

The Dru Metro 80XT Tunnel is a see through gas fire and would be the ideal solution as a room divider. With a unique burner spreading across the entire width and depth of the fireplace. With a 5.1 kw output the Metro 80 would suite a smaller living space. A choice of carrara pebbles or log set is available for this luxury modern gas fireplace.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Designer stoves

Designer wood burning stoves are available from all the leading stove manufacturers throughout the Uk and Europe, with many designer stoves from companies including Dik Geurts, Hase, Hwam, Austroflamm and many more. Throughout countries like Denmark Sweden etc stove are very popular due to the extreme winter conditions, you will find a wood burning stove in most of the colder climate countries homes.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Dru Fires

Dru fires are the leading manufacture of designer fireplaces in Holland. Dru have been the leaders in there field for many years, with new designs to keep them at the forefront of gas fire design and development. Dru have a distribution service allowing high end gas fires to be delivered throughout Holland Europe and throughout the Uk. With many gas fireplaces available Dru have probably the largest gs fire available today, the Dru Cosmo as a massive output of 10.6 kw which would heat even the largest of living spaces or would be at home in a hotel or conference centre.

The Big Fireplace Store

The Big Fireplace Store is a new online store with a large collection of fireplaces, stoves, electric fires, flue pipe, wall heaters, and fireplace accessories all available at the lowest prices but still maintaining the highest quality both on product and delivery service. With a vast experience in the fireplace industry for many years you can be sure you will get exceptional service and care with the purchase of your fire fireplace or stove.

Dru fires

Dru Exellence L is a high end gas fire with high efficiency with a smooth black back or in natural stone slate grey. The Dru Exellence L as 8.4kw out put and 85% efficiency, the burner consist of a robust log set with a black smooth or slate grey back.

Acquisitions fireplaces

Acquisitions Fireplaces of London have a complete range of electric fires including the X Fire 1000 and the X Fire widescreen available in granite, limestone, and travertine. Al Acquisitions fires come with a one year warranty. As with all Acquisitions products the X Fire collection are quality and a real high end product.