Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Flavel Atlanta Modern balanced flue gas fire

Flavel are one of the largest gas fire companies in the uk. With such a wide choice of fires including modern and traditional there will be a fire to suit your living space. The flavel atlanta is one of the most popular in the flavel range. With an impressive output on 4kW the ultraslim design would be the ideal solution for a small living space.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Designer wood burning stoves from Hase

Hase are a leading German manufacturer with a complete range of wood burners available in may shapes sizes and colours. All with great efficiencies you will find your fuel bills lower with a versatile Hase wood burning stove. Hase are distributed by the fireplace leaders Anglia fireplaces. With a great knowledge on the Hase range of stoves Anglia can help you decide on the right stove for your living space.

Cast iron fireplaces

Cast iron fireplaces are available from The Gallery collection the Uks leading fireplace supplier. The Gallery collection includes cast iron mantlepieces, cast iron inserts, wood fireplaces and a complete range of fireplace suites. There are many styles to choose from including cast iron arch fireplaces, tiled cast iron interiors and cast iron fireplace surrounds.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Hydroponics grow tents

Hydroponics grow tents are the ideal solution for all year growing of health fruits and vegetables, with a full range of nutrients also available and grow lights you can now grow a range of products even through the cold long winters.


Hydroponics is the ideal way to grow produce all the year round, with a range of lighting, grow tents and nutrients you can now grow quality products throughout not only the winter moths but also throughout the cold winters.


Gazco are located in Exeter and have probably the largest distribution centre in the Uk for a full range of gas fireplaces. The unrivalled range includes gas hole in the wall modern contemporary fires and gas stoves, all manufactured to the highest standards. Gazco are a mid priced product with the largest range available in the Uk, you will not be disappointed with a visit to a recognised Gazco dealer where you will find a complete range with many variations available.


Stovax are the Uks leading supplier of wood burning stoves, the large range includes free standing and built in wood burners. With probably the largest stock available throughout Great Britain Stovax are by far the largest independent supplier supplier of both wood burning stoves and fireplaces, and fireplace accessories.Located in Exeter Stovax have many vas factory locations within the area where you will find both manufacturing and and also large warehouse facilities where large vast stock will be distributed from.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Paramount marble

Paramount marble are specialist manufactures of exquisite marble mantlepieces and interiors, with a complete range of styles to choose from including modern and traditional styles. Paramount are also specialist in bespoke fireplaces where you can have a fireplace manufactured to your own requirements.

Wood burning stoves

Wood burning stoves are available from all the leading uk and European manufacturers. Stuv are a Belgium company and are at the forefront of stove design and manufacture, with all the latest technology Stuv can accommodate your every need. With many designs available including inset and free standing wood burning stoves you will find a high end wood burner to suite your living space.

Acquisitions Fireplaces

Acquisitions fireplaces of London welcome Architects and designers, with a comprehensive service in all your fireplace and stove requirements. Bespoke fireplace chimney prices can also be manufactured to customers own requirements, fireplace surrounds can also be restored to there original spender. Established in 1974 Acquisitions have become market leaders in there field.

Acquisitions Fireplaces of London

Acquisitions fireplaces of London founded in 1974 reclaiming and bringing back to life original antique chimney pieces, Today Acquisitions are one of the worlds finest producers of period and modern fireplaces,made from only the finest materials from around the world. With a range of products now available in there London store Acquisitions have a complete collection of hand carved marble fireplace surrounds, cast iron inserts,designer electric fires and a range of British made multi fuel and gas stoves.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Built in wood burning stoves

Built in wood burning stoves are available from many of the leading stove manufactures including Stuv, Stovax, Kal Fire, Spartherm and many more. A built in wood burner can fit in to a existing chimney or in to purpose built chimney breast with or without a fireplace surround. You will not be disappointed with the unrivalled choice now available in the marketplace.

Kal fire

Kal fire are located in Holland, with probably the largest state of the art wood burning stove manufacturing complex in Europe. Kal fire specialise in high end wood burning stoves with a complete range to choose from including tunnel 3 sided and 2 sided fire, with many of the wood burning stoves, viewing of the extensive flame pictures can be viewed from around your living space. There are a range of kw out puts to choose from enabling you to choose the right stove for your living area.

Wood burning stoves

Wood burning stoves are available from all the leading Uk and European manufactures with many style s to choose from including modern and traditional. Many stoves are now available from all the leading Manufactures including Dik Geurts, Spartherm, Stuv, Kal fire and many more. Kal fire are probably Europe,s leading supplier of high end luxury designer wood burners with a extensive range of tunnel 3 sided and 2 sided fires, with large glass windows for views from around your living space.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Stovax Riva

The Stovax Riva F40 freestanding is a wood burning and a multi fuel stove with all the latest technology with a very impressive heating performance. Stove colours available are storm metallic or midnight black metallic. The Riva 40 is a 1.5kw - 4.9kw out put with up to 81% efficiency. This robust wood burner would be ideal for a smaller living space both as a free standing or built in fire.

Gazco fires

Gazco have a complete collection of gas fires and gas stoves including the Riva Vision contemporary stoves now available in three sizes. The Riva Vision features a stunning glass door, with a nice sized glass window for a full view of the burning fire with a built in air wash system for a clean glass window. On multi fuel versions you can burn smokeless fuels and peat turf briquettes. The Riva small starts with a out put 4 - 5kw with up to 78% efficiency.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Minster stone fireplaces

Minster stone fireplaces are manufactured from reconstituted stone and have been available in the market place for many years. With highly qualified tradesman you can be sure your minster stone fireplace will be of the highest quality. For many years Minster stone have been at the forefront of fireplace design and manufacture, with the designs available over many years.

Stovax Stockton wood burning stoves

Stovax have a wonderful collection of wood and multi fuel stoves available including the best selling Stockton stoves including the Stockton three four five, In total the Stockton range consists of a choice of ten stoves. Probably the best selling stove in the Stockton range is the five offering you a squarer landscape style compared to the portrait style of the Stockton 3 or 4, and is available as a wood burning or multi fuel stove. With additional width the Stockton 5 will allow you to burn logs with a length of 13". A optional canopy is available with the Stockton 5.

Stovax Studio Riva stoves

Stovax are the leading Uk and European supplier of stoves with probably the largest stocks to be found in the world. One of Stovax best selling stove fireplaces is the Riva Studio range, these free standing and built in stoves have a cutting edge with a affordable price structure. Within the Studio range there are three sizes all with a range of kw out puts, the Studio 1 , 2 and 3. The Studio range are a wood burning stove only with a number of options, including a black glass top plate, matching gloss flue pipe cover benches in low and high versions. You will not be disappointed with the purchase of a stovax stove easy to use wood burners with great efficiencies.