Monday, 18 August 2014

Hydroponics Scotland

At Hydroponics Glasgow you will find a complete collection of indoor growing products including feeds lighting and many more products to help your plants flourish.

New Dru fires

Dru designer fires Dru are the leading gas fire manufacturer located in the Netherlands. With a constant flow of the fire designs on the production line Dru set the standard for fire manufacturers throughout the UK and Europe. New designs for 2014 include the Dru Global 55 CF gas fire available as a hole in the wall fire or with a frame to suit your living space. The 55CF is a striking gas fire when positioned within a marble fireplace and would be the ideal solution for a average sized living space. Global 60 The Global 60i CF is a new is a new design within the Dru collection, this stunning built in gas fire as a 4.7kw out put with a 76% efficiency and is available with 4 different frame style. Dru Ethos Dru now have many designs and out puts to suit all room sizes and styles. The Global collection have a lower price range compared to many of the previous Dru designs. Dru are constantly improving there range of fires with price ranges to suit a large customer base.

Hydroponics lighting

Lighting Lighting is one of the most crucial core component factors to be successful in indoor growing. A controlled lighting environment will ensure the optimum success of your plant growth in early propagation. Air cooled lighting Air cooled lighting solution work by extraction fans to pass air over the lamps and then exhausting the warm air out to grow your grow room via aluminium ducting.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Flue pipe blackpool

New flue pipe displays are live on display at The Fireplace Superstore Poulton Le Fylde near Blackpool. With large stocks now available collection or next day delivery is available on a complete range of flue pipe products. Call in store and view our range of flue pipes at low prices.