Friday, 13 September 2013

New Blackpool Hydroponics store

Coming soon Hydroponics Blackpool the all new Hydroponics Superstore located on Lytham Road Blackpool will stock a complete range of hydroponics products for all your in door growing needs. This newly renovated store will open its doors to the general Public in January 2014 or possibly before.

Balanced flue wall heaters

Dru wall heaters are the ideal solution for both domestic and industrial applications. Dru have been the market leaders for many years in wall heaters fitted in churches, schools hospitals and many more. With in the wall heating collection there are a complete range of sizes and kw out puts to suite both smaller and larger situations. For the domestic market there are a range of modern contemporary styled balanced flue wall heaters ideal for a property where the pipe conveniently fits through a out side wall.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Choosing a Dru Fire

When choosing a fire either Dru gas or wood burning the capacity is a deciding factor. With a average living room space only requiring 3 to 4 kw of out puts. With todays new homes many of which are well insulated greater out puts are not always essential. Many consumers go for a fire with to high capacity and may be only able to burn the fire or stove on a low heat due to choosing the wrong out put fire.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Active Hydroponics growing system

One of the biggest decisions you will make as a indoor hydroponics gardener is the growing system chosen. There are a lot of alternatives available, but your choices can be narrowed down to deciding wether you grow hydroponically or using coco coir. Once the decision a s been made you need to choose between the plethora of system that are suitable for your growing method. There are a wide range of method techniques to choose from.