Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Gas Fireplace Designs

Todays fireplace designs Fireplaces are the ideal solution to bring your living space to life,in todays marketplace there are many options including a complete range of fireplaces and fires available to fit in homes with no chimney. Many leading companies from Europe now supply there product throughout the UK, there are now a range of modern contemporary high efficiency gas fireplaces available. Dru are the leading gas fireplace company from the Netherlands, they are constantly setting the standards for other fireplace companies with a constant range of new product to suit modern homes and living spaces. Designer Stoves for Lifestyle Living There are now a range of stoves from many companies including Dru, the designer Circo balanced flue stove is one of there latest designs with clean lines and high efficiency the Circo is now Dru Fires best selling freestanding burner. The options are endless with this unique gas stove, ideal for homes with no chimney the Circo will fit on a out side wall where the balanced flue kit will fit one metre above the stove and then directly through thee wall to a out side wall, the other option is to fit the pipe up directly through a extension roof or on a second or third floor again through the roof. Fitting a balanced flue stove is normally a straight forward process. View The Dru Circo Burning Live The Dru Cico can be viewed live at The Fireplace Superstore in Poulton Le Fylde, you can also view a complete collection of Dru Bellfires and many more designer balanced flue gas fire.

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